The Perfect Travel Destination

Can you believe that November is already here? Time is just flying by. Before we know it, it will be Christmas. This month’s topic for travel-link up was the ‘The Perfect…’ so I chose ‘The Perfect Destination’.

A lot of you know that I have a deep connection with Canada and of course, it is the perfect destination in my opinion. Why though? Partially because I have family there, but that is also a very small reason of the many others that makes it such a specular destination.

Canada is a large place with many smaller towns and cities within it. However, Vancouver in British Colombia is where my heart lies, which sits far west compared to the most popular destination, Toronto in Ontario. Them both being two of the top five major cities, along with Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal (four of which I have visited, just Montreal left).

I’m going to give you all the possible low downs, as to what makes Canada the perfect destination to visit or live. I might just end up packing my bags, ready to go by the end of this post!

Flight Connections To Another Destination

Canada Destination

Canada is made up of great wonders especially with brilliant flight connections. Toronto to New York is only 1 hour, impressive huh? Toronto to Vancouver is only 4 hours, to get from East to West of the second largest country. Not bad! Vancouver to London Heathrow is only 9 hours, or Toronto to London is just short of 7 hours. It has never been easier to get back ‘home’, or to where you were brought up.


Canada Destination

Canada actually sticks to the true stereotypes of seasonal weather. During the winter months, you will see snow and lots of it. Be ready for cars to have snow tyres on, kids and adults in the largest ski coats and boots along with people hitting the ski slopes at weekends. You can equally get the pretty hot summers. The true shorts and t-shirt weather that will literally make you want to jump into any river, lake or pool in sight.


Canada Destination

Growing up as a British child, I watched a lot of American movies. I always wanted to live the American lifestyle, with their way of school life, the amazing food and drinks of offer to them, their accent, the laid back life but I also didn’t want to miss out on being British. Canada is a mix of both England and America I would say. People are very into their fitness, but people sure do love going out for dinner too. You drive automatic cars because the roads are so long and quiet, but the cars are very much similar to the cars available in the UK. Trucks aren’t a thing, as much as movies want to make you believe so! They also have the best shops, come on… Sephora, Bath and Body Works. They even celebrate Thanksgiving (hello mini Christmas) and do Black Friday, the proper way.


Canada Destination

I have to say, Canada is the most picturesque place you will ever visit. Where city means mountains with countryside mixed in. There are a lot of hills in Canada, but not as many as San Fransisco. Enough to make you appreciate the views of mountains in the distance when you reach the top.  There is so much greenery, so if you’re one who loves long walks through forests and being at one with nature, there is an abundance of places.


Canada Destination

People are kind! Like so, so kind. You’ll always catch someone saying hi or good morning to strangers passing by (and no it’s not weird, as many Londoners may think). People are also extremely trusting, because Canadians are good people. You can leave your door unlocked without the fear of being robbed, or your neighbour will lend you their house for your wedding guests or even get up at 3am to help take guests to the airport. That would never happen in England!

Food and Drink

Canada Destination

I don’t think I need to even elaborate of this one. It goes without saying that the American food trends and brands span across to Canada too, so you can never be without your favourite snacks, sweets or drinks. When I last went to Vancouver, there was a Starbucks across the road from my auntie’s house (yes, hello morning ‘bucks!) and they served drinks that have never been available in the UK or will not be for the foreseeable future – how exclusive. You get the best kinds of sweets and chocolate like DeMets chocolate turtles and Jollyranchers, but you also get British chocolate bars, like Diary Milk (that America don’t get) so you’ll always have a taste of home. They also have Tim Hortons. You haven’t lived until you had a Timmy’s drink and timbits or Coldstone ice-cream!

Canada has also been named one of the most desired locations to live and Canadians are the second most happiest people! I think that says it all.

Where is your perfect destination?

Until next time…