#TravelWithMe to Canada

It is that time again, jetting off to somewhere else in the world and leaving not so sunny England behind. Where to this time? Sunny Vancouver, B.C… Yes! Yes! Yes! I last went around 6 years ago and have been dreaming of going back ever since and the the time has finally come. I am beyond excited. This time round, I am going to take you along with me which should be packed with four weeks full of action, fun and adventures. Are you ready for the ride of your life? 
With all the exciting preparations of going away, comes the tedious and annoying parts too. Searching for the best deals on your travel insurance and packing are two of the most frustrating parts for me. Partially because I am a over packer. I’m not even going to try and deny it because I get the same annoyed and frustrated feeling everytime, because I cannot take my whole wardrobe with me and have room to purchase more stuff over there too. Yes, the struggle is so real and most definitely ‘first world problems’. 
Travel size items just do not exist in my books, i’m afraid. Yes if you’re going for a weekend away but definitely not a whole month away from home – this boy has needs and they come in the forms of big squeeze bottles of face masks and expensive bottles of cologne. Homely comforts whilst travelling are a must. I’m definitely not the ideal traveller, am I?

However, the worst of it is over now and it should hopefully plain sailing from now on! I have been counting down the days for this day to come and I am so excited to say that in the next 33 hours I shall be boarding. EXCITING! 

So, what should you expect from my #TravelWithMe series? Lots! As I will be travelling a lot, I am to do one detailed round up post per week, but there will be some shorter photo diary posts and the odd restaurant review too. 
To get the most of what is happening behind the scenes and in between blog posts, you can keep up to date with all the action on Instagram at @freshandfearless. I would most definitely recommend you follow if you love beautiful, scenic pictures as Canada is full of all that. I hope you come and join me!
So I guess is this is where I say goodbye and see you on the flip side, fellow readers!