About Me

Welcome to Fresh And Fearless. Here you can learn a little more about the boy behind the blog.

“Why Fresh And Fearless?”

Starting a blog was always something I wanted to delve into. It took me three years of contemplating starting one, until April 2013 when I finally took the plunge and started Fresh And Fearless. I know many of you are wondering what my blog name stands for? There is definitely a personal touch to it, that’s for sure. The ‘Fearless’ section reflects my journey, leaving home and starting university in a new city. I always struggled with my confidence as a child, so this was a step in the direction to becoming a fearless person. The ‘Fresh’ section reflects the start of something new. New adventures, friends, memories and embracing the next chapter of my life. Even though there is a personal element behind the name, it also resonates with the content I produce. Fresh, clean, crisp, detailed and ever so ‘fresh and fearless’.

What sort of content can we expect on F&F?

My blog is based around the little luxuries of life. I mainly focus on luxury travel and restaurants, but i’m also a major fashion and skincare enthusiast, so there is always a few posts my lifestyle areas popping up a few times a month. My hotels and restaurant section is split into prices and destinations, so feel free to scroll through the drop down lists and see what takes your fancy. All photography on my blog is my own, unless credited to the owner. If you would like to use any of my imagery, please get in contact.

How old are you & where are you from?

I’m twenty two, soon to be twenty three. So, that means I started Fresh And Fearless when I was nineteen. It seems quite crazy when I put it like that! I was born and raised in Bournemouth, a small town along the south coast of England. I lived there for nineteen years of my life, before moving to London to embark on my higher education at university. After three tough years studying Biochemistry, I finished up with a BSc Biochemistry. Graduation day was definitely one of the happiest days of my life.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Well, I would love to say I am a bibliophile or a sports fanatic, but i’m quite the opposite. I grew up loving horses and my parents encouraged my passion for equestrianism, until I fell off a few times. It was at that point my mum decided it was best if I enjoyed them from a far. However, as I got older, my love didn’t fade but grew stronger. When I was old enough, I started helping out at our local stables every Saturday morning. As time went by, I became a part of the furniture there and became a seasonal staff member, whilst looking after friends horses and having my own too. I’m sure if you look back far enough, there will be blog posts about the three special horses in my life, Niamh, Blue & Take. Being in London doesn’t allow me to have horses now, but my desired passion still remains.

If you would like to know anything else about me, please feel free to drop me an email. I’m more than happy to chat with my readers.