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Partner with Fresh and Fearless, the premier luxury travel blog, to access a niche affluent audience through tailored brand collaborations, sponsored content, and captivating social activations. Our platform offers unparalleled exposure to discerning travelers seeking exquisite experiences. Download our press kit below or reach out via email to explore collaboration opportunities and discover our competitive rates. Elevate your brand’s presence and engage with an affluent audience by partnering with Fresh and Fearless today.

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Testimonials from previous brands who have collaborated with Fresh and Fearless:

“Aftab’s writing style is refreshingly candid and creates a lyrical depiction of the places he visits. I have worked with Fresh and Fearless twice and both times- Aftab has painted a wonderful picture of our Lemongrass clients, who have also been delighted with his reviews. His following are loyal and clearly read the blog because of the honesty of the writing- creating a trusting relationship between writer and audience- which works really well for us. Reaching the Fresh and Fearless audience has been a great success and I hope we will continue to work with the blog on an ongoing basis.” Imogen from Lemongrass Marketing & PR

“We could not be more pleased with our collaboration with Fresh and Fearless, whilst Aftab stayed with us. In addition to the beautifully written post, Fresh and Fearless reflected how it is to experience at stay at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz as a millennial whilst fully engaging and communication his experience – sharing his photos and videos across social media too.” – Catarina from Four Seasons Lisbon

“Having hosted Fresh & Fearless at the award-winning InterContinental Lisbon, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing first hand Aftab’s inspiring reviews. With an impressive level of detail and eagerness to explore, his writing produces authentic, honest and unique reviews, inspired by the senses and captured in real time.” – Ricardo from InterContinental Lisbon

“Aftab has been a delight to work with from the word go. He is always keen to experience new opportunities, be educated by PR’s and brands he collaborates with, and shows enthusiasm whatever the activity. I always think of him when we organise events as it’s such a pleasure to have such a warm and sociable person join us!” – Ailsa from Peretti Communications 

“I really enjoy working with Aftab. He is a consummate professional and is always so supportive of The Langham, London. His dedication and passion speak volumes in his reviews and I always value his opinion. He is also fantastic company!” – Aysem from The Langham London

“Aftab has been a real pleasure to work with during my time at The Lanesborough. From the beginning of our contact, Aftab was professional and genuine – traits not always evident in the blogging world. He was clear in his communication both before and after his visit and he liaised very well with my extended team. Not only was his review both informative and cleverly crafted, the professional images he took during his visit were of fantastic quality. He was kind enough to allow me to use these images following his visit, which aided greatly to our social channels content. Most importantly, the commercial impact Aftab’s review brought was positive, attracting a new audience to the business. I have no hesitation in recommending other relevant businesses to collaborate with Aftab.” – Patrick from The Lanesborough

“From a PR point of view, Aftab is a delight to work with. He’s always professional, and delivers on everything he promises in a timely manner. We’ve worked with him for several of our travel / lifestyle clients and have always been pleased with his blog and social content.” Esme from Hue & Cry PR

“It is always a great pleasure to welcome Aftab to our hotel. Fresh & Fearless offers a great perspective of style with substance, supported with honest reviews and fabulous imagery.” – Stephen from InterContinental Park Lane

“If you were to brainstorm words that could describe ‘Pin Collar Shirts’; two would be Fresh and Fearless – so we already had something in common.  I came across the Fresh and Fearless blog via Aftab on Twitter and immediately thought the fit would be great for my brand. I found Aftab to be a honest, down to earth character who hasn’t been corrupted by the fame and media attention that could surround him if he continues to impress in the competitive world of blogging!  It is easy to relate and warm to Aftab, with his smiles and an insight into his personal life, via his blog and instagram feeds, which is important.  In business its about building long-term relationships, which is what I’m hoping to have with ‘Fresh and Fearless’. The blogs themselves are written in plain English.  He hasn’t swallowed a thesaurus and churned out complex sentences that no one has a clue what they mean! One last thing before I sign-off;  If you are looking for an honest review and one that hasn’t been swayed by the brand – then this is the one.  This is so important as it does no one any good (Brands or Customers) if a review is not 100% honest…brands learn from positive and negative comments.” – Carl from Pin Collar Shirts

“Aftab has been one of the most professional and organised bloggers Dirty Velvet has worked with. His blogging was through, informative and displayed our designs very well. A pleasure working with you Aftab.” – Mark from Dirty Velvet Clothing

“I can’t thank you enough Aftab for going to such trouble. It looks amazing! To see the brand, message and product connect in such a way is awesome!” – Dan from 90:10 Clothing

“Fresh & Fearless is an exceptionally well written and photographed blog. He personalizes the article to reflect his true feelings and thoughts. He also backs up what he says on his blog through the comments on all his social media platforms. I would definitely recommend working with Fresh & Fearless” – Andrew from Anchor & Crew