July Degustabox

This is the second time round I have been sent a Degustabox and I am really pleased to have received another one after my last one. Did you have a read what I thought? If not, you can here.

So, what arrived in the July Degustabox I hear you ask? two Weetabix On The Go, two Fru Snax packets, a bottle of Lambrini, a bag of ‘Say Yes To No’ bread chips, a bottle of Newton’s Appl Fizzics, two Tasty Little Numbers meals, a drinkable vitamins yoghurt and two Little Miracles organic tea/juices.
What did I think of these yummy treats? Let’s take a look…
Newton’s Appl Fizzics – I absolutely loved this drink, it’s like drinking healthy fizzy apple pop. It is a blend of apple juice and sparkling water, which means it avoids all the nasty preservatives and added sugars, meaning it is totally guilt free. Also, it is packaged in a lovely beer bottle, which makes it even more enjoyable once chilled, sitting under the sun, sipping away. 
Say Yes To No, Toasted Breaded Chips – Oh my good lord, I wear I finished most of the bag within thirty minutes of opening them. Addicting is not even the word. Especially as the sour cream and onion was so strong and flavoursome, you just cannot stop! Being artificial flavour and taste colour free, it is pure goodness. Although i’m sure you should eat them in moderation… gulp!

Fru Snax These little packets of joy are brilliant to take on the go. Simplicity works, just fruit and yoghurt pieces that are frozen and all the water is evaporated to provide these dried fruit and yoghurt snack bags. My favourite was definitely the strawberry slices and raspberry yoghurt pack. Yum yum!

Little Miracle organic tea/juices – These bottles are genuinely little miracles in themselves. I struggle to drink plain water and drinking pure fruit juices all the time are not so good for you either but these fab numbers are a new way for me to keep hydrated and healthy too. My favourite was definitely the green tea one, especially as it had pomegranate in too. They need to be chilled to get the best of the flavour, but so worth while.

Weetabix On The Go – I am no stranger to these beauties, especially as it used to be my breakfast when I worked at a yard in London every Saturday. 7am starts to get to the horses for 8am wasn’t ideal, nor was it easy to wolf down a bowl of cereal on the go. The fact they now come in vanilla too made it even more enjoyable to reunite with them.

Drinkable Vitamin Yoghurt – I am all for getting your vitamins in through different ways, especially if you struggle to eat fruit and vegetables (which I certainly don’t!) but it is nice to be able to have an enjoyable yoghurt with some goodness in too. Thumps up!

Strawberry Lambrini – Lambrini reminds me of my first year in university. My friends and I even started to collect and count the number of bottles we used to consume, an ideal pre-drink for students on a budget. I knew there was cherry lambrini and I was such a fan of it but now to see that they have opened the doors to another new, fantastic and tasty flavour was just another win for us students.

Tasty Little Numbers – I will be honest, I am not a person for ready meals. I like to cook all my meals from scratch and know exactly what’s going into them, also I personally enjoy cooking up new things too. Sadly, the tasty little numbers just did not do it for me. However, I am sure others may enjoy them.

That’s a round up for July’s Degustabox. I’m looking forward to trying the goodies in the September, October and November box next.

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Until next time…