#TravelWithMe to Whistler & Shannon Falls

I have been a little slow in updating you with my different travel plans and all the places I have been going to, but that is because we took an impromptu trip to Toronto and New York – which meant I had some time away from my laptop and a break from my blog. However, that does mean more exciting travel posts – so it is a win technically. 
A new day means a new adventure. This time we were heading towards the mountains and spending a day in Whistler, a nearby town in British Colombia with beautiful sights, fun activities and a perfect spot to have a good ol’ (indian) picnic. 
First, we just had to stop at Shannon Falls before arriving at Whistler.

 After that stunning little detour, we followed the mountains to Whistler.

How magnificent are those sights? I never thought that mountains could look so elegant and beautiful until I came to Canada. Nature’s beauty.
Whister was the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the whole village underwent improvements and additions ready for the Oympics. Until this day, some of the rinks are still present where some of the sports too place. However, the Olympics sign in the centre of Whistler Village was a prime tourist spot to take a picture. 
After the long drive and some exploring, tummies were rumbling and it was time to whack out the picnic, indian style. Come on… who can come to such a glorious place without a picnic?! 
What is in the bowl? It’s call bhelpuri – it is a mix of different things, for example masala (spiced) potatoes, chana (brown chickpeas), crisps, chevdo (an indian mix of dried rice flakes, lentils and nuts) mixed with some chilli sauce. It is the standard picnic dish to have, a must have!
Whistler is full of different activities which are perfect for family days out. You can even get on a gondola and go up and across mountains. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can take a short hour walk up to the very peak where the snow tends to sit – more commonly in the winter. The views are just magnificent!  
After a fun day out in the sun, we could not head home without trying Whistlers famous ‘Cow’s’ ice-cream…
I went for the bubblegum flavour, not something I would normally choose but it was positively delicious! Worth the wait for sure.
What a wonderful action packed day in Vancouver. Sadly, that is the last of my Vancouver adventures, but fear not… we are heading over to Toronto next for more breathtaking adventures. Stay tuned!
Until next time…