Dining at Paramount, Toronto

If you have been following my #TravelWithMe series so far, you will
notice that the Vancouver antics came to an end, however a new chapter
starts… the Toronto section of my trip. How exciting?! Well nothing better to
start off the chapter than with a food review about amazingly flavoursome
Middle Eastern food.
The great thing about travelling around is trying the different
food. Even though Canada isn’t known for a particular cuisine as per say, it is
quite a treat to try how different people around the world interpret a type of
cuisine compared to back home.
Let me share with you the my dining experience at Paramount…

The beautiful exterior of the restaurant was pure elegance, nothing
like you would see back in England.  If
this is what it looked like on the outside, I was excited to see what it looked
like on the inside and the quality of food they served.
We were served some piping hot fluffed pitta bread that looked like
it was baked in a clay oven.  The freshness
of the bread is what made it so delicious, even towards the end of the meal it
was still so soft. Hats off to the chef for the delicious pitta bread.
We ordered some hummus and some dressed salad to have with the pitta
bread, a perfect combination – like pen and ink.
The salad was dressed in a unique lemon and spiced dressing that was
nothing like I have ever tasted. At this point, I really started to really get
a taste of the Middle East – when a simple salad is taken to the next level with
a special mix of condiments.
At this point I was read for the real taste and spices of the Middle
East, eagerly waiting a meat platter filled with all the tastiest and
well-marinated meats – with an array of lamb, beef and chicken. My mouth is
watering just writing this post, I would absolutely love to revisit Paramount
and eat it all over again.
Served with some pickles, sesame based sauces, falafel balls, cured
turnips and spiced pitta. We ordered a side of jasmine rice and chips on the
I understood why the restaurant was so full now, because the food
was absolutely delicious – well worth the wait. To top it all off, the service
was quite punctual and attentive too, which made the whole dining experience so
much more enjoyable.
If you think this is it… wait until you see the dessert counter that
will surely make you weak at the knees. 
The baklava was all hand made in their kitchen. You could tell that
eat piece was made with so much love for that extra exceptional taste, ooozing
syrup and generously packed with pistachios. That’s what I call a proper
traditional dessert!
However, if traditional isn’t your thing there were so many other
options. Tarts, éclairs, biscuits, cupcakes, you name it… it was there!

The whole experience at Paramount was truly spectacular, great food,
amazing company and tremendous service – a perfect way to end the day in
We will be back one day Paramount… I promise!
Until next time…
1290 Crestlawn Drive
Mississauga, Toronto
M5B 1N8

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