#TravelWithMe to Lynn Valley & Buntzen Lake

Are you ready for another breathtaking trip around Canada? Come along with me to Lynn Valley and Buntzen Lake, for breathtaking views and adventures.
Lynn Valley is a park that is North Vancouver, open to the public it is a popular spot to go and have some fun. There are so many trails to hike up and explore, but we left that for Buntzen Lake. Instead we just explored over the rocks, through flowing water and soaked up the beautiful scenes. 
A popular spot for families or people that liked to walk and adventure under new woodland areas, or even people who like to live on the edge a bit, grab a swimming costume and jump off the 20ft waterfall into flowing waters below. It looked like so much fun, people screaming as they lept of the falls edge but definitely not something I would ever do personally – i’m not daring enough!

A lovely way to spend at Friday, under the hot Canadian sun, with cold water flowing to dip our feet into. 
Saturday presented us with another fun yet tiring trip. We got to venture through the forest, wilderness and heights of Buntzen Lake. Where wild bears, deers and tonnes of other wildlife call home. Luckily we didn’t come across any grizzly bears, but but we did bump into a family of deer on the way home – a very beautiful sight!
The sights we saw were just unbelievable, I just didn’t want to leave. It was a perfect place to go when you need to clear your head and destress. 
Except, I didn’t think we would be doing these sorts of things whilst we were here in Canada, so typically I left my trainers at home…
So I walked 4 hours in these beauties. I thought I would come back with blisters all over my feet, but I finished without a single mark or blister, perfectly fine feet. Amazing right? I am quite proud that I managed to climb hills, jump and dodge rocks and trees in these shoes – talent right there. Who needs trainers?! 
It is safe to say, after two days of adventures and a mass amount of pure oxygen from the wilderness, I am going to sleep like a baby!
Until next time…