Cluckin’ Chicken Tuesdays at Wings, Vancouver

Canada definitely tops England in terms of food and pretty much everything else, if they sold the same food over there you would have morbidly obese English people and a thriving food economy, but as my sister pointed out, it would loose it’s authentic American feel and nobody would go crazy over food as we currently are.
Batul took us out to Wings. The hint is in the name of the restaurant, a place that specialises in around twenty-five different types of rubs, glazes and sauced chicken wings. Now for somebody like me who absolutely loves chicken wings, it was a real “OH MY GOD!!” moment for sure. 
I never tend to order chicken wings back in England, because they never live up to my expectations of crispy skinned, rich sauced wings – so I end up making my very own barbecue wings (recipe here) but it is quite a lot of effort when you crave them after a long busy day, however if there was a Wings there, that would solve all my problems.
You know it is proper, American wings place when you get given a metal bucket to put your chicken bones into and wet ones to wipe your hands after your mass amount of indulging. At that point, we were positively excited for our wings to arrive.
In the mean time, Christina ordered a strawberry Mojito that looked so delicious. They also had a lot of watermelon based cocktails too, like ‘Wicked Watermelon Iceberg’, ‘Shaken Watermelon Margarita’ and ‘Watermelon Moijito’.
We ordered three different flavours to start with, Honey Garlic, Outback Barbecue and Mexican Baja Chipotle. My favourite was the Barbecue, second was the Mexican Chipotle and my least favourite was the Honey Garlic. 

and a side of fries too. Enough for four of us, to accompany our wings and snack on the side. 
The BEST wings I have EVER hand. Hands down, we gobbled them all down in a space of 15 minutes and without a doubt we had to ask for another menu so we could order more.
We went for the Salt and Pepper along with Tokyo Teriyaki. The Salt and Pepper was definitely my favourite out of the two, however the Teriyaki I was not too keen on. 
The wings were irresistibly crispy and each of the wings were full of flavour, just how I like them.
If you love chicken wings and are visiting Canada at all, you have to visit Wings…You won’t be sorry!
Until next time…

1162 Granville Street 
BC V6Z 1L8