Sakina & Hussein’s Wedding

Can you believe I have been in Vancouver for 9 days already?! I know this post is a little late (oops!) but I have a very good reason for it – I have been having too much fun, literally. It has been a week full of antics, laughter and wedding celebrations. If you don’t already know, my beautiful cousin tied the knot with her childhood sweetheart after dating for 5 years. Amazing right? Definitely a fairy tale come to life. 
I bet you’re all thinking a week long wedding? Yes… Indian weddings last that long, where each day has a different event in preparation for the final two main events, the Nikkah (indian wedding ceremony) and the civil marriage followed by the reception. 
Day 1: The bride gets covered in turmeric paste in order to bring out a glow from the brides skin ready for wedding day. A lot of fun for the ladies and bridesmaids applying it, not so much fun for the bride! 
Day 2: Young girls puts up a ‘Mandvo’ outside the brides house, to signify the start of the marriage. After the Mandvo, the ladies sit down for a food in the house. 
Day 3: Family mehndi, where family gets togethers and henna ladies come and fill other ladies hands full of henna, ready for the wedding. This event was specifically for immediate family only though.

Day 4: The official public mehndi party – the start of the real, hardcore decorations:

Day 5: Nikkah Ceremony (the official muslim marriage):

Day 6: Civil marriage and Reception: 

I can’t believe it is all over though, after 6 days of wedding preparations, celebrations and adrenaline rushing moments, it was positively the one of the most beautiful and precious moments in my life that I will treasure for eternity. 
I have never seen such a beautiful bride who looks so lovingly at her newly wed husband, she may just be a bride to others but she was well and truly the heart and soul of the Karachiwalla household. I hope you have a happy, joyful and memorable married life. Love you and miss you already, Mrs Jafferjee. 

 Until next time…