Fresh And Fearless In Twenty Sixteen

Here we are again, another year has come to an end. I’m releasing this post a little earlier than usual, but i’m officially signing off on the blog for twenty sixteen. I’m having a well deserved break away from the blog, not that I don’t love you, F&F. I do. I promise. However, it has been one intense year and i’m making the most the last few weeks with my nearest and dearest. I will be active on social media though, you can’t get rid of me that easily.

Where do I start? It’s has been quite a rollercoaster year for me. Not a year I was expecting to have or preparing for in the slightest, but I have definitely grown as a person. There have been some fantastic highlights but some low points, but hey… that’s life! I survived, I learnt and made changes. It’s all good!

I was just looking back at my post from the end of twenty fifteen, it has made me realise how amazing this year has been for Fresh And Fearless. Twenty sixteen has probably been the best year for the blog so far and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s such a great feeling when you hard work pays off.

I set myself this year to improve my travel section and I think I have definitely done so. I’ve had the chance to experience so many cool destinations and trips this year. Along side some exquisite restaurants, events and work with some brilliant fashion and beauty brands.

This year, i’m going to break things town into top threes. I wish I could write about everything that happened this year, but i’m sure I would end up with a post of 10,000 words.

Top 3 Memories:

1.  Duck And Waffle Sunrise Breakfast

My most surreal moment of twenty sixteen had to be the catch the sunrise over breakfast at Duck and Waffle. It was the perfect way to start my day, only to receive an email as we left our very early breakfast sitting, that I had passed all my final year exams. A very special day indeed!

2. Graduation – BSc Biochemistry 🎓

I did it! I graduated. Twenty sixteen marked the year where I finished my education and got the title of BSc in Biochemistry. Definitely a surreal day but definitely one of my favourite memories.

3. Visiting My Top 4 London Hotels

I had four luxury London hotels that I wanted to visit during twenty sixteen and I wasn’t going to let myself leave this year without doing so. I can safely say I managed to tick off visiting all four over various occasions. Such as dinner and the winter garden at the Four Seasons, breakfast at the Rosewood, drinks and fondue at The Ritz and Binny’s birthday celebrations at Claridges.


Top 3 Blog Highlights:

1.  Sheraton Park Lane Relaunch Party

My favourite blog night out of twenty sixteen had to be the relaunch of the Sheraton Park Lane, where I got the chance to dress up in a suit and bow tie, put on my favourite Italian leather shoes and head out to Park Lane to celebrate the wonderful new renovation. Non-stop flowing champagne, live music and great canapés. A night full of fun with my favourites!

2. Budapest Press Trip

Budapest was a country I fell in love with but it also marked one of the best press trips I have ever been on with Fresh And Fearless. It set the standards quite high, as a city and a trip. However, I have some exiting press trips in the pipeline for twenty seventeen, so I am excited to see how they compare.

3. Daniel Wellington Collaboration

Daniel Wellington is a brand that I had admired since I laid eyes on their watches back in twenty fourteen. I promise myself that I would have one for myself. Back in March twenty fifteen, my friends all chipped in and bought me my very first Daniel Wellington watch as a complete surprise. (If any of you are reading this, thanks guys!). However, little did I know that there would be a Fresh And Fearless x Daniel Wellington collaboration in twenty sixteen. It has definitely been one of my favourite and most exciting collaborations yet!


Top 3 Restaurants:

1. Roux At The Landau

I first tried Roux At The Landau back in twenty fifteen but I have dined there a few times since. I still have to say it is one of my favourite restaurants in London. I definitely can’t get enough of the quality service, amazing food and chilled out atmosphere.

2. Marcus At The Berkeley

I dined at Marcus, my first 2 Michelin starred lunch for Emma’s and Angie’s joint birthday this year. From start to finish, it was just perfection. The food was just outstanding! Definitely worth a visit for a special occasion.

3. Foley’s

I went for a dinner one evening with Binny after having my eye on trying for Foley’s since it opened. Safe to say I wasn’t disappointed, especially with an ex-palomar chef on board. Every dish was just mind blowing!


Top 3 Hotels:

1. Hilton Castle Hill, Budapest

Staying at the Hilton on my press trip to Budapest was a definite surprise. It totally changed my perception on the generic kind of Hilton hotel and showed the true luxury that the Hilton chain can offer.

2. The Scarlet, Newquay

I’m a huge lover of small, boutique hotels. The Scarlet had to make the cut, especially with those outdoor hot tubs and stunning views. Not to mention the lovely restaurant within the hotel and the continental breakfast.

3. The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey

The Atlantic Hotel was my first experience visiting one the ‘Small Luxury Hotels’ collection and I wasn’t disappointed. It was everything you dream a luxury hotel to be like and more. I could have spend days by that pool.


Top 3 Afternoon Teas:

1. Intercontinental Park Lane

The chocolate afternoon tea by Paul A. Young was just out of this world. I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with the creativity and pure chocolate excellence in one afternoon tea.

2. Sketch

From tea-infused champagne to the quirky little comments at the bottom of the tea cups, it was one of my favourite birthday treats ever. I definitely need to go back and try Sketch’s 2 Michelin starred restaurant in the Lecture Room & Library.

3. Langham London

Cherish Finden needs so introduction. I’ve been to many of her afternoon teas at the Langham London and her precision and stories behind each afternoon tea never fails to make me smile.


Top 3 Most Loved Posts:

I clearly did something right with my travel posts this year, as they were most loved posts! Here is to lots more travel in twenty seventeen. 🍾

1. 5 Interesting Things About Luxury Hotels

2. My First Solo Travel Experience 

3. 36 Hours In Cirencester 


As you can see, twenty sixteen has been quite a year. I’m so lucky to have been able to enjoy all this with the wonderful people I call my friends, in a city that I absolutely love. No day is ever the same for me, but nonetheless is always eventful!

I also want to name a few people from the blogosphere that have truly supported me through the good, the bad and the ugly this year. They are definitely my blog family, because they look out for me, the same way my parents do. Binny, Angie, Emma, Maggie, Gary, Honey and Jasiminne, a huge thank you for always being so supportive and the most amazing friends to me. ❤️


Twenty seventeen Plans:

I’m going to make it the most successful and best year yet. Especially as it is my first year out of education, I have 12 months to make it truly special. Try and make more of a revenue from my blog and invest it where possible, using companies like Glenmore Investments. I plan on travelling a tonne more, making memories and just falling in love with my life all over again. No goals, no milestones, just one happy year full of new and exciting experiences. Let’s do this!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you to my wonderful readers for keeping me going and supporting my little part of the internet. It’s a pleasure to keep creating fresh and fearless content for you all! 😉

So, I guess this is goodbye for now.

Until twenty seventeen…