Tom Ford Fragrance Staples

Tom Ford Fragrances

I’m one of those people who cannot leave the house without having a few squirts of cologne sprayed over myself. Whether i’m going to the gym, going out for dinner or popping to the local supermarket. It’s a die hard habit that has just stuck. For this reason I also have different colognes for all those occasions. I mean, I would love to spray Yves Saint Laurent over myself before heading to the gym but that’s just a bit silly.

A brand i’ve been growing some insane love for over the past few years is Tom Ford. From their incredible clothing, to their remarkable skincare and scents. It’s a luxury brand that has slowly but surely expanded in the right way. I’m a huge fan of their men’s concealer and now I won’t use anything else.

Out of the range of colognes they have available at Tom Ford, i’ve picked out three staple scents that I think anyone should have. When I mean anyone, I mean both gents and ladies. Tom Ford’s scents are unisex and can be worn by both genders. So ladies, do read on.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Tom Ford Champaca Absolute

My favourite of all (which I have a extra big bottle of) is the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. It has a fresh, citrusy scent. Like an Italian port, mixed with aroma of lemon trees in the wind, met with the scent of vineyards and fresh oranges from the market. I would certainly say it is a scent that I would typically wear in summer.

I love the sweet vanilla tones, musky cognac tones of the Tom Ford Champaca absolute. It has a light smell of sandalwood, but not enough to notice it when wearing it. I’m not normally a fan of sandal wood but I adore this scent. The packaging symbolises the scent in a way. I would say this scent is a dapper gent dressed in all black, with a mysterious yet charming look about him. The fragrance isn’t too intense, so it would be a scent I would wear at a formal or black tie event.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge is a gorgeous sweet, floral scent. It has an added bit of spice. Quite an erotic scent especially with the packaging dressed in red. Definitely an intense prima donna scent (in a really good way), if you want that extra pop. I would say it is typically a spring scent, when all the flowers are in full bloom but a definite date night fragrance.

Tom Ford Fragrances

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford scents? If so, which is your favourite? 

Until next time…