GLAMGLOW Must Have Masks

I’m a major face mask fiend, with it being the largest ‘section’ of all my skincare that resides on my bathroom shelf. I think face masks are an essential part of your weekly skincare routine. I definitely have my go to ‘everyday’ facemasks when i’m in need of a quick fix. However, I have my premium ones that I use once a week too. I’ve always been a believer in spending money on the quality products that used in moderation, go and long way but also have a extensive positive effect on your skin.

Ever since I purchased my very first GLAMGLOW face mask, I have been hooked. They are the type masks that you can truly see and feel a difference in your skin. Don’t get me wrong, my Origins masks also do the job, but GLAMGLOW masks go that one step further.

I’ve compiled three of my favourite GLAMGLOW face masks that I use religiously now. Each mask has their own benefits and definitely worth the more premium price tag.

GLAMGLOW ThirstymudGLAMGLOW Thirstymud
When my skin was going through extremely bad dry patches around my forehead, I was determined to find something hydrating. My daily moisturiser was just a temporary daily fix, but not long term. It was only until I was looking through different hydrating face masks in Sephora that I came across GLAMGLOW’s Thirstymud. I had heard great things about GLAMGLOW by this point, but I hadn’t actually thought about making a purchase. I bought it on a whim, just to see what the ‘hype’ was about. I was definitely not disappointed, in the fact, the complete opposite. It is the reason I have well rounded, hydrated skin now. It provides the skin with just the right amount of hydration, so I didn’t have to worry about the overproduction of oils and it causing spots. I especially love the light consistency that allows even spread and fast absorption.


The next two products were brought over by my lovely friend Binny. She recently went to Dubai and picked them up for me, since they were on offer in Sephora. This is why we need Sephora back in the UK, it’s much better than Boots. Sorry Boots!

My favourite thing about GLAMGLOW Powermud is its dual cleanse effect, making it suitable for all types of skin. It’s the holy grail product for combination skin. It hydrates areas of your skin that require it whilst stripping oils from the more prominent oily areas, like your T-zone using the mud technology. However, using a blend of various oils, it also nourishes and cleanses your skin, removing all the weekly dirt build ups on your face. It applies like a mud mask, but is it of a lot oiling and silky consistency which makes it easy to apply. Quite a revolutionary product in my eyes!

Last of the trio, GLAMGLOW Supermud. If your skin is the total opposite of dry and you struggle with controlling spots and acne I would suggest this product. In a sense, it always as a deep cleansing clay mask that literally draws out all of your impurities and clogged pores, leaving you with fresh, clean skin. Charcoal activated clay masks can often leave your skin slightly dry afterwards, but I would not recommend putting a moisturiser on after, just leave it as it is. Your skin will naturally adapt, especially as it already excels at producing its own oils naturally. My favourite thing about this clay mask is that it had a blend of six miracle acids which aids a brighter complexion too. Giving you the same healthy glow post facial. Win-win!

There are my top 3 favourite GLAMGLOW face masks. I would definitely say they are a really worthy investment, if your skin needs some extra TLC.

Have you used any GLAMGLOW products? If so, which are your favourites?

Until next time…