Decadent Chocolate Afternoon Tea At InterContinental Park Lane

Chocolate week is upon us! It’s an exciting time for us fellow sweet and sugar fiends who have been waiting for this week with great joy. I took the time to do some research of some of the tasty chocolately treats on offer from the London hotel scene this week (it was secretly just an excuse to have afternoon tea) but I did it with my readers in mind.

I recently popped into the InterContinental hotel on Park Lane after hearing they would be launching their new chocolate afternoon tea from Monday 10th October. However, there is good news… they aren’t only serving it through chocolate week, it will be available until 21st November! Hooray. Does this mean i’m allowed to go again? ‘Cause it was that good!

For this special afternoon tea, the Intercontinental chef Ashley Wells has teamed up with master chocolatier Paul A. Young to give you the most divine chocolate experience, with a true taste of luxury.

We were seated at such a lovely spot in the Wellington Lounge, before our waiter came and served us a couple of glasses of Moët & Chandon champagne, my favourite!

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park LaneChocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park LaneChocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

Cheers! Let’s drink to another day of making awesome memories and trying out such a divine afternoon tea.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

We left our tea recommendations to our lovely waiter, who was serving the chocolate afternoon tea to us for the first time. Especially as we went for an early sneak preview…

To accompany the savoury part of the afternoon tea, we were served up a delicious black darjeeling tea. Light with a lovely floral aroma.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane
The flatbread concept was what I loved the most. Especially as a person who doesn’t ever eat bread, but loves afternoon tea. It make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable, because I didn’t feel bloated afterwards. There was some smashing combinations such as cocoa dusted seared tuna with orange and fennel salsa, roast beef and white chocolate horseradish cream, smoked salmon and lemon cream cheese and honey roasted pumpkin with red pepper and goats cheese.

The roast beef and honey roasted pumpkin ones were our favourite, so when our waiter offered us a couple more, we requested to have those two in particular. That’s also the great feeling, that we were able to have more because it was moreish yet delicate.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

The next tea was to be paired with the scones. It was actually a special blend put together by our waiter especially for the chocolate afternoon tea. In order to get the taste of a chocolate flavoured tea, many different teas were blended including vanilla and many others. Of course he couldn’t share his special blend! 😉

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park LaneChocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

We were served up a selection of three scones, one made from brown sugar and the two more classic afternoon tea scones, plain and raisin. There was also an extra condiment served too along with the clotted cream and strawberry jam, salted caramel clotted cream… yes, you heard that correctly.

The idea was that the salted caramel clotted cream was supposed to be had with the brown sugar scone. However, me being me, I put a bit on every single one because it tasted that good!

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

Ohhhhh… yummy! Okay, i’m even making myself hungry. I definitely feel like I need to make a trip back and have this again before the end of November. So delicious!

The best bit is yet to come though…

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park LaneChocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park LaneChocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

I was right, wasn’t I? Isn’t this just the most spectacular sweet treats selection you have ever seen? Best of all, everything in the terrarium is edible, because it’s all made out of chocolate. It’s literally a chocolate lovers dream.

The idea behind the terrarium with all the twigs, leaves and soil is the idea of the change of seasons as we leave summer and head into autumn, which fitted the view we had whilst having our tea perfectly.

The big question is though…What’s inside the dome?

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

The chocolate shell is made from 72% Venezuelan chocolate filled with salted caramelised hazelnuts, blackberry, thyme leaves and toasted walnut oil to give off the autumnal vibe and taste.

Followed by the ice-cream cone which was made with chipotle chilli and brown sugar ganache with sandalwood, cedar wood, and cocoa nibs – Oooooh… It’s like bonfire night within a chocolate treat!

Lastly, the chocolate pod made with 65% Grenadian Kalingo dark chocolate that symbolised the falling leaves made with water ganache, white chocolate and green cardamom ganache. This sweet treat was definitely my favourite – could have been because of the white chocolate and cardamom.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - InterContinental Park Lane

We were not served a tea for the final tier of the afternoon tea, purely because there was so much chocolate. Instead, we were made up a refreshing red berry mocktail/iced tea that was super refreshing and balanced out the sweetness of the afternoon tea perfectly. How pretty is the garnish too?!

That summed up a wonderful chocolate afternoon tea experience at InterContinental Park Lane, with exceptional service from our waiter, it was an all round tremendous experience. A must try for anyone reading this!

Happy chocolate week everyone!

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Until next time…

We were guests at the InterContinental Park Lane and our afternoon tea was complimentary.