Winter Garden Cheers At Four Seasons Park Lane

We have lots of great ways to celebrate the warmer months in London. Whether it be drinking on rooftop bars, going to concerts or carnivals or simply having a barbecue. We often make the most of spending time outdoors too, just to make up for the major lack of during winter. However, I think many London venues, hotels, bars and restaurants have taken this on board and given us ways to get festive inside and outside.

Four Seasons Park Lane helped everyone get merry and enjoy the weather during the past summer months, with the Veuve Cliquot secret garden and they brought something even more spectacular this winter. The Hennessy Winter Garden was launched, which was a lovely way of getting everyone outside again – not to mention getting us into the festive spirit too.

Hennessy Winter Garden

There is definitely something mesmerising about fairy lights, that just makes everything look that little bit prettier. It definitely did the job for the Hennessy Winter Garden. Super chic and après-ski winter vibes were being channelled through this little pop-up.

Hennessy Winter Garden

We were lucky enough to be seated in the only ski lodge in the Winter Garden, filled with soft, fluffy cushions and plenty of blankets to keep us warm. So cosy! Binny and I settled into our individual benches, threw on a blanket or two and looked for something hot to drink.

Hennessy Winter GardenHennessy Winter Garden

The little details within the lodge were my favourite. Snow decorated candle lanterns and beautiful decorated with pretty lights. It definitely sets the scene for a romantic date night, that’s for sure. You would be a winner, if you brought your other half here.

Hennessy Winter Garden

We ordered some mulled wine to begin with. Binny loved it, I just wished it was on the sweeter side, but nonetheless it was still good. To accompany our mulled wine, we were served an array of different biscuits too. How lovely!

However, we were feeling a little peckish, so we tried out some of the food they had on offer at the Henessey Winter Garden.

Hennessy Winter GardenHennessy Winter Garden

Lamb sausage/kofta hot dogs and french onion soup. How can you say no to that? The kofta was filled with flavour especially with caramelised onion marmalade, it was just scrumptious. I would definitely go back, just to have that again. The onion soup was served in the most perfect porcelain bowl with a lid. As soon as you took off the lid, you were greeted with the warmth of the soup with this wonderful aroma. Just fantastic.

Hennessy Winter GardenHennessy Winter Garden

We had space for one more drink though and the Baileys hot chocolate stole our hearts. I’m a huge lover of Baileys hot chocolates, as it’s my favourite way to drink something warm and enjoyable yet alcoholic. Especially on Christmas day, sitting around the Christmas tree with our hot chocolates opening presents.

It was such a fun way to spend a weekday evening, getting into the festive Christmasy mood. I would highly recommend going if you have a chance before or after Christmas.

Also, a huge thank you to the Four Seasons Park Lane for having us and being so hospitable.

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We were guests at Four Seasons Winter Garden and our drinks/food was complimentary