Three-Course Travel Menu With The World

I often talk about eating cuisines from different parts of the world here in London, especially as it is such a multi-cultural city with so much diversity. However, i’m going to change it up a little and mix it with my beaming wanderlust. When you think of a menu, you think of starters, mains and desserts, right? I’m taking each of the three courses and replacing it with a destination.

Paris - Travel Menu

Personally, my travel menu would start with Paris. Glorious Paris, it’s such a opulent city with so much to give. It is a light and easy city that can leave you with wanting more, so it’s always good to visit in many short periods. It has a lot of character with the true authentic lifestyle still running through Parisians today. I remember when I first visited Paris, I wanted to see someone carrying a French baguette whilst wearing a beret. Much to my surprise there were many people doing exactly that, it was not just a preconception that people had of Parisians. Authenticity is my favourite thing about the city, there are open markets in Montmartre, boutique shopping down the Champs-Elyesee, stunning views of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero or even the perfect place to propose to a loved one at the top of the tower. After all, Paris is known to be the city of love.

I also have a huge personal connection with Paris too, especially as it is where I had my first solo travel experience. My experience not only made me push boundaries, but also allowed me to see the city in a different light. It is easy to get swept up in conversation whilst wandering the city with your travel companion, that you miss the little things.

Canada - Travel Menu

Taking love and and facing it with adventure and natural beauty. As we move onto the main course, it takes us across the world to Canada. Canada is a million times larger in comparison to the small city of Paris, but it is somewhere that remains very close to my heart as a destination. Only if there were enough words in the English dictionary to express the true pleasure and surprises one country can bring. Each province has so much to offer, to the point where you can feel like you’re in a different destination completely. Canada is definitely a place where you should spend quite a lot of time, especially as there is so much to see. Starting off in Vancouver, where the city meets mountains with Grouse Mountain nearby and country meets costal life with the likes of Stanley Park and Kitsilano beach. It’s all set within a short drive of everything, but it’s certainly a city you would want to call home. Completely opposite to Vancouver, you have Toronto that is home to the CN tower, Niagara Falls but it’s also a city that reminds me of London and New York filled with tall skyscrapers and corporate workers.  Leaving the hustle and bustle, you can feel at one with nature in Banff and Jasper with the Rocky Mountains and national parks. There is so much adventure and excitement to be had, especially when you’re constantly checking around for grizzly bears. Also, climbing to the tip of cliffs and screaming using all the air in your lungs – now that is thrilling.

Budapest - Travel Menu

I would then finish off my travel menu one a sweet note, with Budapest. It’s a city that I had very low expectations for but after I went it completely stole my heart. It was one of the hardest places I had to leave, because I truly fell in love with it. There is a true authentic Hungarian culture there spreads a lot of warmth and joy around the city. The thermal baths are an unreal experience that everyone should experience once in their life along with the wonderful Christmas markets – especially the Four Seasons’ one. I personally think the festive period is the best time to experience this beautiful city, especially with the low sunsets and short days not forgetting the real Christmas festivities that surround the city. Budapest is also full of wonderful view points that are truly picturesque, it makes the whole experience a lot more breathtaking. It would make the best end to a wonderful trip and travel menu.

What destinations would your travel menu consist of?

Until next time…