8 Things I Learnt About Paris

If you haven’t read about my recent travels to Paris, you can check it out here. Paris is such a beautiful city, often called the city of love. The French are also known for their various stereotypical mannerisms and food habits, but I can definitely validate that some of there are true. Here are 8 things I learnt about Paris and Parisians whilst I was there.

1. Many people use vespas or motorbikes to travel around the city.


The city being so large with such narrow streets, it seems like a much easier and faster method to get around. Especially as you can easily find parking spots compared to those for an average sized car.

2. Most high rise buildings have flowers on their terraces/window sills.

Paris View

It’s a very pretty touch that you only thought you saw in scenic pictures, but no, Parisians often enough don’t have gardens in the city. However, that does not stop them from allowing flowers to bloom in the Spring and adding colour to their city.

3. There are pharmacies everywhere.

Paris Pharmacy

They are as common as you find Starbucks in London. On every street corner there is a pharmacy and not only that, they are the cheapest and best places to get your well known branded skincare.

4. The French love baguettes and wear berets

This is a typical French stereotype that is often seen in films that the Parisians were berets walking around the city with a baguette of bread in their hands. It’s true! I saw four different people like it whilst I was there, not to mention the countless people that left the house just to buy a baguette for their home. It is also the first thing that is served at a meal, except breakfast. 😉

5. Parisans like to do things later than Brits

Most restaurants will open around 8pm because funnily enough Parisians don’t eat until 9pm, unlike us British people who settle down for dinner at 6/7pm. Clubs also don’t open until midnight, crazy!

6. Paris is ghost town on Sundays

Paris Streets

I hate to say it but it’s true. Everything under the sun is closed on Sundays, except restaurants and local tourist attractions. You won’t find a single pharmacy, book stop or even retail store open. I found that out whilst trying to find a Sephora…

7. Parisians love to showcase their talents

Paris Advertising Designers

Whether it is a whole exhibition dedicated to modern art and dance or luxury designers show off their latest seasons clothing in high up clear glass tunnels, they have it covered.

8. Cheek kissing is a thing

Parisians greet each other with a cheek kiss, even the men. It is their way of giving someone a handshake or a quick hug when seeing someone. Very cultured I say!


Those are the 8 things that stood out to be the most. If you have been to Paris before, what stood out to you?

Until next time…