The Outtakes Of A Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger is great, going on press trips to far, travelling to worldwide destinations and to magnificent hotels. Not to mention the family, holidays with your parents and siblings. All great. Except when you become the designated photographer of the trip. Unknown uncles that you have acquired in the past few days shouting your name “Aftab, take this group photo of us quickly.” then times that by twenty and that’s what I have to do per hour. Often enough you miss those perfect captures of big waves speeding past, because of said uncle. Sigh. It’s such a glam life being a travel blogger…

Most of my readers will only see the edited and perfectly captured shots of my travels, but before that one idealistic shot, are the many outtakes that i’ve sorted through to ensure you only ever see the best. That goes with many things in life and on social media. People want you to see only one kind of side of your life, the perfect side. There is nothing wrong with that, at all. However, you often wish you had a sibling that was also good at photography, to take the lime light away from you. No offence, sis…

Often enough I get the question of “Why do you not appear in your travel photos often?” Well, when I was travelling to Canada, I was designated photographer. However, the odd moment I asked my mum to take a photo of me… well, it just wasn’t what I wanted. I guess I can’t expect her to have the same eye as me but we weren’t even close.

Travel blogger outtakes

How do you tell your super impressed mum that I can’t post this on my blog? Like, where is the background? I’m sure she will be extremely pleased when I tell her that her unusual sense of photography has actually come in handy. Silver linings and all…

I had my first solo travel experience to Paris early last year, which I knew was going to be tough to capture photos of myself. I left with that understanding and was completely okay with it at that point. Especially as I have been to Paris a few times before, so i’ve had my photo taken in front of all the monumental sights. Except, when you get to the Eiffel Tower and you see it in it’s entirety for the millionth time, you just can’t help get a quick snap, can you? I mean I would be a nice way to commemorate my solo trip, so I did something anyone in my situation would have done. Try and take a selfie using your camera, to see if it works. I’m all for being as independent as possible. However, this was the result.

Travel blogger outtakes

There was no way that was going to cut it. I did the more adult appropriate thing and asked someone to take a photo for me. I scouted to find someone with a proper DSLR camera around their neck, to ensure they would be able to take a decent photo. Well, I thought wrong…

Exhibit A)

Travel blogger outtakes

I never thought the Eiffel Tower resembled the leaning tower of Pisa before, until I saw this picture. Bearing in mind, this lady got on the floor to get all professional, so I was thrilled to see the finished picture. Alas, I gave up.

Exhibit B)

Travel blogger outtakes

I applied the same concept as above, when we went to New York. Every family wants a nice picture on the Empire State Building. I mean, it wasn’t going to be like the pictures of Chuck’s proposal to Blaire on Gossip Girl, but you know, something close would be nice. Except, we got Exhibit B. Doesn’t said man with a DSLR know not to shake a camera whilst photographing? I think I should take that high tech camera off his neck. Tut tut, not for you sir.

My advice to all travel bloggers, jet setters and globetrotters:

  1. Take a tripod on every trip. You will never be without a good picture ever again.
  2. Never trust a person to take a quality photo, even if you have they have a DSLR hanging around their neck.
  3. Teach your mum to take a good photo. Seriously…
  4. Take an extra camera and give it to another family member to take those candid family photos on big rocks.
  5. Never try and take a selfie on your camera, unless you have a flip screen. It will only end badly…

I would also thank this month’s travel-link up topic for allowing me to make use of all those outtakes that would have ended up in my Mac’s trashcan.

Until next time…