Facials With A Twist At Pro Skin Clinic

The colder weather is here… Brrrrr! Reaching lows of minus six in the heart of the big smoke. I always believe you should take extra care of yourself in the winter time, whether it is throwing on a few extra layers to keep warm, or doubling up on your intake of vitamins for a stronger immune system. One aspect of my body that always gets effected by the colder weather is my skin, it started to become a bit dull and lifeless. Of course, my skincare is very important to me, so when Pro Skin Clinic invited me in for a facial, it was an offer I just couldn’t say no to. Time for some rejuvenation and deep cleansing, perfect.

On arrival, I was greeted by two lovely smiling and warm faces sitting behind the desk of Pro Skin Clinic near Bond Street, one of which was the lovely Bernadette who was my therapist for the morning.

I was asked a series of questions about my skincare routine, whilst lying down on a examination table. After Bernadette assessed my skin under various lights, including a wood light to get a real insight of my skin in preparation for the facial. She told me a few things that I didn’t even know about my skin and gave me some useful tips on what I should incorporate into my routine to give my skin the very best care.

Pro Skin Clinic
 As a huge skincare junkie, Bernadette kindly talked to be about the brand they use at Pro Skin Clinics and each of the products as she went through the facial. I was quite impressed with Dermaquest, a cross between your high street brands and your prescription only brands for more intense cases. Where you get exactly what it says on the packaging, the raw ingredients without any extra added nasties, leaving your skin looking perfect.

First off my facial started with an essential daily cleanser, to get any surface dirt of my skin and any products I could have had on my face (which I luckily didn’t), followed up with a DermaClear BHA cleanser. After a good cleanse, a microdermabrasion machine was used to remove any dead skin cells from my face, especially in the more drier areas, the diamond shape head meant it was more direct and specific compared to most others. On completion, some blocked poor extraction was carried out on my T zone area, to refresh up the area where there are high amounts of oil produced causing blocked pores to occur.

Next up was a layer of the hydrating gel mask which is packed with hyaluronic acid which acts like a water magnet allowing intense hydration to the skin. I was then popped under a red U.V light, which is not dangerous as it produces a wavelength out of the skin damaging range, but in fact has great benefits. It penetrates through the skin aiding the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin too. This light, along with the hydrating mask speeds up the process for deep absorption and hydration.

Pro Skin Clinic
 Bernadette also popped on some B5 hydrating serum on my hands, to then put under the light to gain maximum use of the red light treatment, which was very thoughtful.

Post red light treatment, a delicate soothing serum was applied to calm the skin after the U.V rays had been hitting it. Followed up with a stem cell rebuilding complex.

To finish off the treatment, a moisturiser was applied all over my face along with some SkinBrite cream to break up any areas of pigmentation on my skin. Finalising it with a tinted zinc based SPF to protect the my freshly treated and cleaned skin from the sun’s skin damaging rays, also giving me a nice finished glow due to the tint within it.

When I was handed the mirror, I was truly shocked that it was my face. I had never seen it looking so fresh, clean and alive! I think I spent a good 10 minutes just staring, to the point where I had to ask for the mirror to be taken away from me. Seriously impressed with the positive result.

Thanks to Bernadette and Pro Skin Clinic for having me and transforming my face.

Until next time…

I was a guest at Pro Skin Clinic and my treatment was complimentar