7 Ways To Deal With Writers Block

Well hello there! Yes, yes, I know… I have been absent for a little while but all with good intentions. I’ve been at home having the time of my life spending time with my family, the horses and friends. The holidays went far too fast, who would have thought four weeks of fun would just zoom past like no tomorrow. Christmas was great, spending time with the nearest and dearest over a hearty roast and watching joyful expressions on faces when presents were exchanged – priceless. New Year was a little more quieter but the way I like it. Hope you all have had a great Christmas and New Year, having lots of fun!

I’m hoping you all loved my last post of 2015, where I rounded up my whole year of blogging and the peaks of my life. If you haven’t read it yet, I think you should! I’m totally excited for what 2016 will hold for me, let’s hope it is filled with lots of travel opportunities, great food, drink and amazing blossoming friendships.

Whilst I was enjoying a break from my blog, I also took a step back on social media – time of reflection. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to see what you were all up to and share my new experiences with you, it was simply because I wasn’t feeling very creative and that’s what today’s post is on.

Writers block happens to the best of us. Your ideas run dry, the frustration kicks in, writing becomes a dreaded task and you lose the love for your blog. However, i’m going to share some tips with you on how I got over my writers block.

1. Switch Off

Turn off your device. Don’t stare at it aimlessly in hope that something is suddenly going to pop into your head. When you try and force creativity, it simply will try everything to avoid you at all costs.

2. Go Have Fun

Life is too short to waste your time being miserable. Go out and have fun. Forget about your writers block, do things you enjoy and make the most of it! Explore. Go for a long walk with your camera and just have a play around.

Writers Block - Horseriding

3. Release Your Frustration

There is nothing worse than having pent up anger and frustration. Let it out. Get emotional, have a rant, write it all out (after all, you’re good at it!). Free yourself!

4. Reminisce

There is nothing I love more than going through old photos on my laptop, it brings back old memories and definitely sparks some creativity. Even read popular posts, reignite yourself with the feeling that people love reading your content and try and find out why they do by reading your own posts.

Writers Block - Reminisce

5. Read Other Blogs

Reading other people posts can sometimes initiate some ideas and inspiration, you may also find your new blogs you enjoy along the way too!

6. Find A New Writing Spot

When you feel like you’re ready to get behind your laptop, don’t sit in your usual place. Change it up. Find somewhere new. Head on down to your local coffee shop, do some people watching in-between drafting new post ideas and treat yourself to your favourite drink.

Writers Block - New Location

7. Network

Sometimes writers block just needs time. Take a break. Even if you’re not actively writing, it doesn’t mean you can’t network with other bloggers and potential readers – take the time to enjoy social media and grow yourself a bigger readership.

Most of all, don’t get yourself too down about it. I know it is easier said than done but I promise you, it is just a small hurdle in the path that you will soon get over. Just hang in there, pal!

Until next time…