Twenty Fifteen Year Round Up

It seems to be that time again, where we say goodbye to another year and welcome in a new one. Twenty fifteen has been a year of some of the best experiences and memories, but also some of the worst. One of those amazing memories was having successful year with Fresh And Fearless – so many amazing opportunities, collaborations and most of all, I made some damn good friends.
Twenty fifteen round up

Life highlights of twenty fifteen:

Twenty fifteen was the year that I became the big 21, the day that I officially became an adult in every country around the world. A specatucular day for most, but also a daunting time for the birthday boy gaining extra responsibilities with age. Before I turned 21, I wrote a post about 21 wishes that I wanted to complete before I became 21, ticking most of them off i’m pretty proud of my achievement.

Along with my birthday came a surprise visit to Paris from my sister and parents. I had wanted to re-visit Paris for along time and after my plan to go away with my friends for my birthday fell through, my sister took it upon herself to take me away to the city of love.

Stretching out birthday celebrations, I ticked off one amazing restaurant off my bucket list and the day I met one of my favourite blogger friends. Honey and I went for post-birthday celebrations, the day a truly amazing friendship blossomed over the love of good food and great champagne.

Twenty fifteen also marked the year I finished my second year of my undergrad studying Biochemistry. It was far from an easy year, as I had transferred universities (to my first choice university!) but made some life long friends at the same time – so it was a definite win-win!

As summer came, so did my contract on my old place. It was time to say goodbye to my favourite little luxury pad and move onto a bigger and better home. 108 will always hold some significance to me.

On returning home, my little Welsh Sec A came back into my care. After having sold him on to a  home a year prior to his return, the lady who owned him couldn’t look after him anymore and he came back into my care. I knew that I couldn’t keep him, so I had him back in order to sell him on again to a perfect home. I still miss him, but i’m glad I got the chance to have a whole month with him again.

Not long after, I fell off whilst riding and got concussion. The first time that has ever happened, so it was definitely an experience but it certainly hasn’t stopped me from riding. A week after my recovery I was due to fly out to Canada to attend my only cousin on my dad’s side’s wedding. A memorable time where all the family reunited for the first time in so many years, but i’m so glad she has found love with her childhood sweetheart. Whilst being in Vancouver, we had impromptu plans to visit Toronto and New York City too. Seeing Niagara falls in Toronto was one of the best moment of my life I managed to tick off another thing off my bucket list, along with visiting the big apple.

Blog Highlights of twenty fifteen:

Wow oh wow. Twenty fifteen was the best year in terms of my blog. Fresh and Fearless encountered media exposure, the best collaborations, heart warming friends, the most comforting PR connections and the greatest growth since it all started.

Fresh And Fearless saw the new year in with a fresh new simplistic look. All thanks to the lovely Serena at Pretty Wild Things. If you need a new design for 2016, I would definitely recommend her!

I had wanted to play host for a while, after attending so many blogger events. So I took it upon myself to reconnect with bloggers I had not seen for a while, and got the chance to meet bloggers I had wanted to meet for a long time by hosting my very own event.

F&F was hot for press in twenty fifteen too, being featured in a Bournemouth magazine for Bournemouth’s Budding Bloggers, also a two page fashion feature in a magazine sharing my advice on men’s fashion.

Fresh And Fearless had its first invites to press days as a fashion blogger – a huge achievement for me personally, not to mention the million events too. I don’t even want to imagine the amount of bubbles i’ve consumed over twenty fifteen alone through blogging!

Twenty fifteen also marked the most restaurant reviews I have done since Fresh And Fearless begun. Following with an increased about on fashion posts and skincare, one of my new years resolutions for twenty fifteen – which I have successfully achieved. Another was to incorporate travel into my blog, which has taken off like a storm. However, let twenty sixteen be the year that I improve my travel section.

Popular Posts of twenty fifteen:

Twenty sixteen Resolutions?

I’m not going to set proper resolutions this year, just challenges for myself to have a pick at throughout the year. Slowly but surely increase my travels & travel posts, tweak my photography, grow more as a blogger and a person, worry less whilst living, loving and enjoying life! Most of all, graduate from university with a first ideally.

I’m so greatful to all the people who continue to support, read and share posts from Fresh And Fearless, you are all the reason i’m still blogging and loving it – so thank you. I hope everyone has a wonderful, merry, happy and successful 2016 and it brings you all the luck and good health for the coming year.

I guess I will see you all on the flip side! One final goodbye to twenty fifteen and HELLO twenty sixteen!!!

Until next time…