Ride In Luxury With Equetech

Equestrianism is a fun, exhilarating and time consuming hobby. It requires a lot of time in and out of the saddle, therefore requiring you to be your comfiest at all times. When I was young, I tried riding in jeans and I remember I got told off by my instructor and was told to change into a pair of ‘riding trousers’ which she luckily had that fitted. I soon found out, the reason it is taboo to ride in jeans is because when you sweat and when you ride, your trousers rub against your skin. Not only causing sores on your skin, the seems also scratch the saddle and if you know how much one costs, i’m sure you don’t want it getting scratched!

I have teamed up with Equetech to show all the many males riders out there that it is okay to wear the correct riding wear and be pain free, whilst still looking masculine. Yes, times are changing and companies are adapting to the ever growing community of men that enjoy riding. Equetech have some of the comfiest and luxurious breeches for men, with all the very best masculine colours too.

Equetech breeches
Equetech breeches
Equetech breeches
Equetech breeches

Pictured above are the Mens Rival KS breeches made for performance, which are your more dearer pair, but with a higher price you get even more comfort and better quality. They have suede knee patches to prevent fast wearing of the knee area, ensuring they have a longer lifespan. This pair have a stretchy elastic cuffs for extra added comfort. I am definitely a huge fan of these breeches, so comfortable, durable and stretchy too.

Equetech breechesEquetech breechesEquetech breeches

Equetech breechesThe navy breeches pictured above are Equetech Mens Casual Breeches, a more middle range pair that offer a superb fit. If you prefer something a bit more fitted, then these are for you. It being 95% cotton, it offers that extra warmth for the winter months when riding and doing yard duties. These have a self-fabric seat and knee patch, rather than suede.  This pair also has velcro cuffs rather than elastic cuffs, which are useful to ensure they stay in place under tall riding socks.

I am totally and utterly in love with Equetech’s breeches, you definitely get what you pay for. Luxury, quality and comfort are a few words that come to mind when describing Equetech’s breeches.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jan for the smashing photos.

Until next time…

The breeches were a gift from Equetech.