Black Diamond Spa Moments At Four Seasons Park Lane

I’m a huge fan of the Four Seasons brand. There is something that is so unique about each of the properties but each is still true to the start to finish deluxe luxury experience. When I stayed at Four Seasons Lisbon, it was like being at home away from home. I was looked after so incredibly well and that’s something you go in knowing, so there are never any hidden unruly surprises.

I popped down to Four Seasons Park Lane for a bit of a pamper afternoon in their rooftop spa. I was warmly welcomed by the doormen, said a quick hello to the front desk team before jumping into the lift and ascending up to the tenth floor of the hotel.

As I walk through the door, the ladies behind the desk look at me and greet me with “Welcome Mr. Pathan, here for your spa treatment?”. Remember what I said previously about luxury 5-star hotel service – this is another prime example of it being truly personalised.

I ran into the changing rooms to get ready for my spa treatment, provided with the softest cotton robes, with Four Seasons branding inside and on the front. Only if it had my initials on the front too… 😉

The facilities within the changing rooms are extensive, with a private changing area, lovely private shower rooms with ESPA shower essentials. There is also a shaving area that is filled with disposable razors, shaving cream and Hommage face cleanser and moisturiser.

Hommage, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

Not forgetting the vanity area, which has deodorant, hair gel, combs, hairspray, body lotion, hairdryer and a large mirror with bright lighting above. Grab yourself a fresh cup of citrus infused water after your spa treatment, whilst you get ready.

Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

As you pass through the first set of doors, you are taken to the pre-spa area which is gender specific. Therefore, allowing some privacy and comfort for those who don’t like mixing. There is lovely large vitality pool which various different hydro functions that can relax your body prior to your treatment. There was also a well lit steam room and sauna, perfect to get those pores open before a facial.

As you proceed through the next set of doors, you are brought out to the treatment rooms where your therapist picks you up.

I was taken into a bright and airy treatment room that literally had the most gorgeous view of London’s skyline. It’s not everyday you have a spa treatment with that kind of view, right?

Four Seasons Park Lane SpaHommage, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

It was my first time having an treatment with Hommage products, so I was really intrigued. The brand is a Parisian brand that has a concept of transforming what would be a skincare routine into an experience to be savoured. Each of the Hommage products have their own signature scent and work in harmony together to produce prime results.

Hommage, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

I was having a Hommage Black Diamond back sculpting and facial. Back sculpting was a treatment I had never heard of before, but when I thought about it a little more it made sense. Your back area is the place that is most neglected, especially as it is hard to reach yourself. In turn, this means that your back receives the least exfoliating it requires and often leads to a build of deceased skin cells and blocked pores.

Each of the treatments lasted 60 minutes and really went into depth using many products to really achieve the best results post treatment.

For the back sculpting my back, neck and shoulders were cleansed using Core Cleanser which had a role of revitilising the skin and was cleansed using warm towel. The next step was to apply steam to my back area to open the pores and exfoliate my skin using Black Diamond sphere along with a Purifying Cleanser to remove any impurities and detox the skin of any toxins. The role of the diamond spheres is to even skin tone, enhance cell regeneration and aid circulation to the back area. It also has extra anti-aging benefits too.

Hommage Black Diamond, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

Once the impurities have been removed and the pores are open, back extraction took place. This is where any blackhead or areas that were prone to break out (not that I ever have had any) are removed. It is a little painful, but it has a good long term outcome. After the extraction, a re-mineralising mud mask was applied with bioactive silt and algae to soften and again remove any remaining toxins.

Hommage Black Diamond, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

Whilst the mask takes action on the skin, I received a lovely hand and arm massage. You don’t realise the tension your hands and arms go through on a daily basis, until all the tension is relieved. So satisfying!

The mask was the remove using a hot towel, which at the same time nicely refreshes the skin. The penultimate step to the back treatment was a deep tissue back, shoulder and neck massage using oils. I often get told by many therapists that I hold a lot of tension in my back area, so it is good to have regular back massages. As you can imagine I felt like I was floating on cotton clouds at this point.

Post-massage, any excess oil was removed and Body Lotion was applied to nourish and hydrate my skin. Perfect!

We then moved onto the Black Diamond facial which I was really looking forward to. I often find my skin gets really dehydrated when I go on flights, most likely because the air is recycled (the grim side to a travel blogger) so a deep facial was much needed.

To start my facial, my skin was prepped using a Pre Shave Oil to prime the skin, followed by a Balancing Face Cleanser that was used to remove any dirt and impurities from the skin. This allowed the lovely Nicola, who is head therapist at Four Seasons Park Lane spa to diagnose my skin type and conditions.

All the product was removed using warm towels and mitts. Purifying Cleanser was applied along with Black Diamond spheres to exfoliate my skin, with the help of steam to open my pores and clear our any dirt with the pores. This also prepped the skin for any blackhead extraction that was going to take place on my face.

Hommage Black Diamond, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

After the exfoliating regime, massage oil was applied over my neck, shoulders, face and my trapeziums using a firm pressure to relieve the tension from the tense, achy muscles. It probably doesn’t help that I spend so much time at my laptop too…

The movements Nicola used were to encourage tonicity, which moves water and and out of cells using the method of osmosis. Where the water moves from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential across a semi-permeable membrane. See, I knew my Biochemistry degree would come in useful!

Hommage Black Diamond, Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

The massage also works to brighten tired skin, eye straight and aid lymphatic drainage. After my massage, a warm towel was used to remove any excess oil before a re-mineralising mud mask was applied with bioactive silt and algae to soften and remove any toxins. The algae encourages the skin to tighten, whilst sebum production balances the skin. Whilst the mask was on, I was given a relaxing scalp massage that relieved any tension that rose to my head whilst my neck massage took place.

The mask was then removed using warm towels and a Rejuvenating Eye cream was applied to improve moisture levels in my eye area and reduce milia caused by dehydration. The Fortify Moisturiser finished the facial to bring back my glow, keep my skin hydrated and provide a protective layer.

Four Seasons Park Lane Spa

The black diamond treatments would be a perfect gift for Father’s Day, especially with a nice bit of luxury pampering that he deserves and a lovely amenity at the end to wish your father well wishes for the day.

Until next time…

I was a guest at Four Seasons Park Lane spa and my treatments were complimentary.