Stay Of A Lifetime At Four Seasons Lisbon

Arriving into the Four Seasons Lisbon aka ‘Four Seasons Hotel Ritz’, a residence that I had heard so much about, pre-travelling and during my first few days in Lisbon. The hotel itself has a lot of history behind it – many years ago, there was no ultra luxury hotels for important guests to reside at whilst visiting Lisbon. Thus, the Ritz Hotel was born and became one of the most iconic buildings in Lisbon, for that purpose. Many years on, the famous luxury brand Four Seasons hotel group has managed The Ritz. However, it still remains as one of the most iconic buildings in Lisbon and is still referred to as ‘The Ritz’ from its early days.

Four Seasons Lisbon

Keeping this in mind, you have to understand the level of opulence this palatial hotel presents. Combining the Four Seasons exclusivity with one of the first luxury hotels, you can imagine the prestige this one hotel has. From glistening floors, to low hanging chandeliers. From Prada and Cartier embedded into the walls to a fully serviced luxury ESPA spa, this hotel is everything you could ever ask for. As a luxury traveller, it was right up my street but even at times, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Four Seasons Lisbon

As I approached the check-in desk, there were 5 members of staff awaiting my arrival. I was greeted with “We have been expecting you Mr. Pathan” with the warmest smile. Whilst we conversed with the other front of house members behind the desk, our check-in process was swiftly completed. Before we knew it, we were taken up to the 9th floor of the 10 story building and escorted to the the end of a very long, beige and chocolate brown themed corridor.

Swanning down the corridor of what felt like cashmere soft carpets, with not a speck of dirt to been seen. Opening the door to one of the largest rooms, with ample of space – definitely not like something you would get back in London. The room had a beautiful blue theme running through it, which had be completely smitten, especially as blue is my favourite colour.

Four Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons Lisbon

The twin beds had Four Seasons branding over the sheets, with the softest feather filled pillows and royal blue throws over each of the beds. I had to resist all initial temptation to just run and jump straight onto them, enjoying the pure luxurious comfort of the beds – but photos come first after all. The life of a luxury travel blogger…

Opposite the beds was what I called the ‘living area’ which was made up of a lovely blue two seater sofa, a desk to work and a gorgeous glass table, not forgetting the little detailing of patterned lamps and elegant pieces of art hung on the soft striped yellow walls.

Four Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons Lisbon

The desk would have been perfect to sit and blog at, but as I was only there for two nights I decided to enjoy the room instead of working on the blog for a change. To the right of the living area was a flat screen television which perched on top of the mini bar cabinet, filled with lots of indulgent goodies.

To the left, there was large pane windows with a slidable patio door. Stepping out onto the balcony, there was an outdoor table and chairs set, which allowed you to have breakfast in the privacy of your own room. The views from the balcony were like no other, with a gorgeous skyline of Lisbon under the beaming hot sun. Just below was a beautiful green park that reminded me of New York City’s central park.

Four Seasons Lisbon

Coming back into the room, there was another door that lead to a mini hallway which branched off into the walk in wardrobe and clothing ‘runway’. Fully lit with natural light, one side of the runway was decked out with floor to ceiling oak wardrobes, which many compartments, including various shoe racks.

Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon

At the end of the runway, was another room with another set of wardrobes. This secluded room would be perfect for those staying at the hotel for a wedding, as it was the perfect size for a bride and all her maids to fit in for some privacy. Returning back down the other way, there was a long full length mirror that completed the purpose of the area. My sister sure made good use of it for her outfit shots.

When selfies and appearance are important, especially my sister and I, the bathrooms at the Four Seasons Lisbon were so ideal. The spacious bathroom boasted pink marble decor, which a big fitted bath, tall shower unit and two sinks with mirrors above each. Complete with fitted vanity lights above, providing the most idealistic lighting when required.

Four Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons Lisbon

My favourite part was the amenities, because they stocked my favourite skincare brand, L’Occitane in the much loved zesty lemon range. I was literally falling head over heels for our Four Seasons Lisbon at this point!

Four Seasons Lisbon

After we exploring the delights of our room, we mooched down for a bottomless champagne Sunday brunch within the Varanda restaurant. However, you’re going to have to wait for the details in my next post. I’m such a tease, aren’t I? Let’s just say it was incredible for now, shall we?

The after effects of a boozy brunch, calls for some fresh air. Prior to visiting to Lisbon, I had read lots about the amazing gym and running track on the roof of the Four Seasons Lisbon but is often used as a view point across Lisbon from great height. Off we went to the light and airy fitness area, which had extensive facilities on offer. Opening one of the panelled doors, we stepped out onto the running track rooftop, with unreal views across the capital. We saw many sights that we had planned on visiting later in the afternoon, so it pushed us to get and potter out into the city.

Four Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons Lisbon

Lots of fun seeing the sights of Lisbon, we returned back rather late and tired. We popped down to the bar terrace where we made ourselves comfortable on the outdoor sofas and clutched up next to the fire heaters. Even though during the day, the temperatures were highs of 25-28 degrees, it became slightly chilly towards the evening – even with jeans and a turtle neck on. We initially when down for a night cap, but when we saw the food menu, we couldn’t say no to wagyu beef burger.

Four Seasons Lisbon

We drew the night to close and were completely fell soundly to sleep with the excitement for a relaxing breakfast and spa morning the following day.

Lisbon greeted us with another warm day, so we decided to have breakfast out on the Varanda restaurant terrace. Beautifully set out, overlooking the central fountain. Our assigned waiter absolutely doted on us, bringing us both a fresh glass of orange juice, a latte for myself and a jug of americano style coffee for my sister.

Four Seasons LisbonFour Seasons LisbonFour Seasons Lisbon

There was the option to have the buffet breakfast, order off the menu or both. My sister is the sort of person that cannot go without her classic bowl of hearty cereal in the mornings, even when on holiday. The buffet was extensive, complete with fresh exotic fruits, an array of pastries, cereals, cheeses, cold meats and lots more!

Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon

For me though, you know what they say… when on holiday, you don’t count calories, therefore I indulged in Truffled Eggs Florentine.

Four Seasons Lisbon

I think the pictures just say it all. It was one of the most incredible Eggs Florentine I have ever had, I think the truffle just made it even better. Two of my favourite things together, pure genius Four Seasons Lisbon!

Post-breakfast spa treatments should be a regular thing, holiday or not. It was the most relaxation I have had in a long time, so it was more than welcome. We both jumped into our swim suits and shot down to the basement floor, which housed the luxurious Ritz Spa.

Four Seasons Lisbon

It wasn’t long before I was called into have my full body and Indian head massage. The experience started off with a relaxing foot scrub and massage, which had a lovely lemon essence to it before moving onto the massage table for a deep tissue treatment. Getting out all the knots and tension that I had managed to build up was all release within a matter of an hour, amongst the scent of fresh rose petals and a dim, candle-lit atmosphere.

Four Seasons Lisbon Four Seasons Lisbon

Feeling completely zen, I divided into the pool for one last quick swim before heading back to our rooms to shower and continue ticking off our Lisbon sights checklist.

I had such a phenomenal two night stay at Four Seasons Lisbon, where I was literally treated like a king from start to finish. I’ve never felt so welcomed and valued as a travel blogger and guest before and it is definitely a hotel experience I will never forget. Hats off to Four Seasons Lisbon, you are truly the best 5-star luxury hotel there is in the capital. I can’t wait to go back again, already!

Until next time…

We were guests at Four Seasons Lisbon and our complete stay was complimentary.