Melting Chocolate Moments At The Langham Hotel

Another festivity, another Langham afternoon tea. That’s one of my favourite things about Cherish Finden, she celebrates everything through immense pastry skills and creations in form of themed afternoon teas – which is really special.

I’m sure you’re all aware by now that’s it is London chocolate week, which means the London scene is turning insanely sweet and indulgent. Especially if you saw my other recent chocolate afternoon tea post. Well… Cherish has come back better ever, bringing us her take on chocolate afternoon tea. Yum!

I arrived early, which is not normal for me but it’s becoming a habit as of late (i’m sure others aren’t complaining). So I nestled myself into the comfy sofa in front of our table and settled down for a glass of Laurent Perrier and caught up with Aysem whilst waiting for Chris and Megan to arrive.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel - Cherish Finden

For our afternoon tea preview, we were served up an amuse bouche of blackberry poset before being served up a selection of finger sandwiches.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel - Cherish Finden

After visiting the Langham for afternoon tea various times, I knew what the sandwich selection was going to be, but I was already excited for a particular one, the truffled duck egg brioche as it’s so unique and delicious. However, there was a new addition – the smoked salmon, fennel, passion fruit dressing on a rye cracker. Followed by the usual classic cucumber, cream cheese and chive, corn-fed chicken and golden sultana on carrot bread and peppered beef pastrami and red Leicester coleslaw on caraway and cocoa bread. Served up with the Langham blend tea, which was complimented the savoury snacks really well.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel - Cherish Finden

Not filling myself up too much on the sandwiches, as I was awaiting my favourite part of afternoon tea – the scones. Cherish’s scones are always so soft, light and perfectly risen. We were served up a selection of raisin and plain ones, but I have to say my favourite are the plain ones complete with a dollop of Cornish clotted cream and a light spread of strawberry jam. Scrumptious!

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel - Cherish Finden

We had the pleasure of Cherish’s company when we served up our sweet treats. I’m sure many of you recognise her from the last season of the Great British Bake Off, right? 😉 I hadn’t seen Cherish is so many months, so it was nice to have outside of the kitchen for a change in the public eye for a good catch up.

Cherish works so hard in order to make each treat of the afternoon tea perfect. We take it for granted when eating it, but it’s gone through multiple recipe adjustments and quality control tests because it’s served up to us. Which is why I absolutely love Cherish’s work – perfection is a quality we both have in common.

For chocolate week, Cherish prepared a classic opera slice with espresso reduction, Langham chocolate mousse line with chocolate brownies, a dulcey and kalamansi cadelle on a base of sesame sable, matcha and white chocolate macaron with lemon jelly and mango and lime lassi garnished with a basil seed.

Chocolate Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel - Cherish Finden

I cannot fault Cherish’s afternoon tea treats, because every single one of them is always different with their unique flavours. However, I exceptionally like the kalamansi cadelle because it has that citrusy twang that went perfectly with the mousse inside. Cherish was explaining to us that kalamansi is a really popular ingredient where she is from back in Singapore, but I only had my first take of it the week before when I was in Jersey. The mango lassi was also great, because it connects to my culture and roots – so it was so nice the way Cherish brings together different cultures into one afternoon tea. She was keen on my opinion and I definitely approved – it was divine!

Another smashing afternoon tea by Cherish, but I wonder what the next one will be? Will there be a Halloween themed afternoon tea or will we go straight into Christmas festivities? I guess there is only one way to find out! Stay tuned.

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Until next time…

I was a guest at the Langham Hotel and my afternoon tea was complimentary.