Michelin Star Dining At Bohemia, Jersey

One of the highlights of my trip in Jersey was eating at Michelin Starred restaurant Bohemia. The best part was Bohemia was actually The Club & Spa hotel’s in-house restaurant, so it was only a matter of getting in the lift and going down a couple of floors to get to it. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Settling down into what was dim lit restaurant with the most comfiest chairs (I know, I shouldn’t be thinking about chairs, but they were so soft!) for what hopefully would have been an unforgettable experience.

It just happened to be the first night of National Champagne Week too, so I had to honour it and start with a glass of bubbly.

Bohemia Restaurant, JerseyBohemia Restaurant, Jersey

Whilst we waited for our order to be taken, we were brought out some cheese, deep fried parcels that were scrumptious. Soft and cheesy on the inside with a delicious crunch on the outside.

Bohemia Restaurant, JerseyBohemia Restaurant, Jersey

Starting off with a double amuse bouche of tomato gazpacho and a caramelised onion style panna cotta.

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey

Before being brought over a cotton bag of crusty bread rolls, there was brown plain rolls and pink peppercorn and paprika rolls underneath. I absolutely love the peppercorn rolls because they were so unique and actually had a lot of flavour to them. A really nice way to spice up a simple bread roll. The butters were plain and seaweed and sea salt infused which was another interesting combination. However, the seaweed butter wasn’t my cup of tea.

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey

We were then brought over a pre-starter dish which was butternut squash and parmesan soup, shiitake mushrooms, cooked quail egg and nasturtium puree. A very delicious way to start the ‘official’ meal. I absolutely love the butternut squash and parmesan combination. It worked so well!

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey

We chose our starter from the vegetarian menu as the classic menu’s starters didn’t really appeal to us. However, we ordered the  Stilton Dumplings with kale, pear slices with Kohlrabi foam. It was a unique mix of flavours but I feel like pear and kale balanced out the strong cheese taste from the Stilton.

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey Bohemia Restaurant, JerseyBohemia Restaurant, Jersey

For the mains, we both ordered the lamb loin and braised neck served with Jerusalem artichoke, goats cheese, sea aster and lamb ragu. It was divine! The meat was so tender, it literally melted in your mouth. A fantastic dish!

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey

There was a pre-starter and now a pre-dessert. Can I just move to Jersey and eat at Bohemia every night please? I could get the hang of all these pre-dishes. This was a gorgeous peach mousse, peach bellini sorbet on a crumble with light panels of meringue. I could have done with it being three times the size because it was that good!

Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey Bohemia Restaurant, Jersey

For dessert, we had the mousse shaped dome with guanaco chocolate, cherry mouse served with ice-cream and the strawberry cake with almond, basil and champagne sorbet. My favourite was definitely the strawberry cake with basil as it offered a lovely refreshing yet sweet finish after a multiple dish meal.

Bohemia Restaurant, JerseyBohemia Restaurant, Jersey

Finishing the meal with even more sweet treats as we sipped on our caffeine-free tea. First we were offered a selection of chocolates; honey, thyme and olive oil, black forest, coffee, baileys and dulcey, pear and xanté and finally blueberry and violet. After we were brought out Parisian style caramel choux. Yum!

What a meal! I don’t think i’ve ever left a restaurant feeling so full and satisfied, let alone a michelin starred restaurant. They certainly deserve a second michelin star without a doubt. Compliments to the chef, along with the smashing and attentive service we received. A treat asset to the restaurant.

I would most definitely recommend Bohemia to anyone who likes good food or a taste of luxury when visiting Jersey. Bravo Bohemia.

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We were guests at Bohemia restaurant and our meal was complimentary.