Ultimate Relaxation At The Club Hotel & Spa, Jersey

Jersey was a destination I had wanted to visit for ages, especially as many fellow travel bloggers had visited and had only good things to say. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before I needed a new adventure and Jersey was next on the list. The best part is that it’s only a mere 40 minute flight from London Gatwick airport, making it the perfect weekend getaway.

A short drive from their airport to The Club Hotel & Spa made it the ideal location to stay, especially as it was in the capital of Jersey in Saint Helier. Saint Helier being one of twelve parishes in Jersey, making it one of the largest Channel Islands in the English Channel.

Once we had arrived at The Club Hotel, we quickly checked in and ran straight up to our room. After waking up so early that morning to get to the airport, my sister and I needed some rest.


Cushioned with the softest goose feathers the beds felt like you were sleeping on clouds. Nestling your head deep into the centre setting off into a deep sleep.

As we were given the master suite, there was an ample of space which made the whole stay at The Club a lot more enjoyable. There was a lovely long L shaped sofa in the ‘living’ area complete with a flat screen tv.


However, I did feel the decor was a bit outdated for a luxury hotel. I think that’s the aspect that made me question how it was a luxury hotel in the first place. Especially as the views weren’t particularly scenic either, backing out onto a cemetery and roads.

On the other hand, I walked into the bathroom and was completely blown away. It was like a small bedroom within itself. Complete with the most elegant long round bath and gorgeous tiling. When you entered the bathroom and then turned left, you were greeted with the largest double headed power shower. I almost felt like the bathroom made up for the lack of luxury decor from the rest of the room.


I did like the fact that they used Elemis for their toiletries. Sometimes hotels struggle to keep the aspect of luxury throughout every little detail, but it’s nice to see The Club paid the extra attention to these details.

The Club have some great facilities, such as the outdoor pool, 24/7 concierge service, room service at most parts of the day and my favourite – turn down service. Especially, when you get left little treats to come back to.


That’s not all though, they have their own resident spa run by Feel Unique and a fantastic afternoon tea menu on offer. So let’s grab our robes and head on down!


The spa has a great range of different treatments, from deep muscle massages to bride to-be packages. Not only that, they also have an indoor pool which is salt water based, a mimic of the sea almost (just not as salty) so it’s brilliant for your skin too!


Before our massage, we were sent into the relaxation room where it’s completely silent in order to get into the zone. Kitted out with all the essentials – fresh cold water, dried fruit to snack on or tea bags to make some hot tea pre or post treatment.


I was looking forward to the deep tissue massage the most. As a blogger, you’re often sitting at your desk for hours at a time editing photos, writing blog posts, answering emails and doing social media so it does has its negative effects. I told my masseuse where I had extra pains and knots and she was extremely understanding and very accommodating. After an hour of muscle relief, I came out feeling more zen than ever. As we loved our experience in the spa so much, they offered us to come back the following day for a mud treatment, which involved exfoliating your entire body with salt and then covering yourself in mud before sitting in a very hot sauna for 25 minutes. Let’s just say, we left with our skin feeling baby soft. I couldn’t stop stroking my arm!

After our massages, we headed back to the room and got ready for some much anticipated afternoon tea at Bohemia, the resident michelin starred restaurant at The Club Hotel. (There is a whole post about our dinner at Bohemia to come – stay tuned!)

As we settled down in Bohemia for our afternoon tea, we were brought out an array of sandwiches, which included smoked salmon and cream cheese, cheese and tomato, tuna and sweetcorn and chicken with spinach.

We then moved onto my favourite part of afternoon tea – the scones. We were served plain and raisin scones.


The scones were served with Jersey black butter, strawberry jam and clotted cream. I would describe the Jersey black butter as a Christmasy confiture, it’s got spices, hints of apple and Jersey cider. It would definitely be a perfection addition for any Christmas afternoon teas (London hotels, take note!)


The pre-treats were a hazelnut choux filled with hazelnut cream, which was divine, the second treat was sour cherry slice, which I didn’t particularly like. There was a strong sour taste, not my thing generally let alone in an afternoon tea.


The final layer was a lemon and basil pastry, followed by a rhubarb crumble served in cracked egg glass. Both equally as delicious as the choux. Thumbs up!

That rounds up our stay at The Club and Spa Hotel. It was a lovely relaxing affair, which meant we were leaving with full stomaches after lots of amazing food and drinks in a very zen mood.

Overall rating of The Club & Spa Hotel:

Until next time…

We were guests at The Club & Spa Hotel and our complete stay was complimentary.