Touch Of Thai At Mango Tree, Harrods

I’m a huge lover of Thai food and certainly no stranger to Mango Tree in Harrods after I visited earlier this year with Emma. I just couldn’t get enough, so I had to go back for another round. However, I remember there was a lot of talk about the restaurant before I had visited and I can see why people raved about it so much.

I took Binny from Binny’s Kitchen to give her the experience of what Mango Tree has to offer, especially in the beautiful setting of the Harrods food hall.

We started our meal off with some bubbles (do I even need to say it anymore?) which were served in beautiful long flutes and were perched on the ledge above where we were sitting. Guzzle guzzle…

Mango Tree, Harrods

Whilst we sipped away, we studied the menu as to what we should order. The best thing about the service at Mango Tree is that even if you decide you want to order something a bit later on, you don’t need to worry as the food arrives so quickly.

Binny and I had been craving dim sum for many weeks now, so it was a no brainer to order some.

Mango Tree, Harrods

We first ordered the chicken dumplings which were submerged in Szechuan sauce. The chicken pieces were seasoned well and the outer pastry casing was moist because of the sauce – making it a really flavoursome dish.

Mango Tree, Harrods

I was craving wagyu beef dumplings for the longest time, so it was so great to see that they could accommodate and make me a happy food blogger. Especially when they are served with black caviar and a golden edible leaf. Always the little touches that make the biggest difference. They tasted just as good as they looked too!

Mango Tree, Harrods

I spotted someone ordering the duck and cucumber spring rolls and they just looked exactly like how my mum makes them (with chicken). So crispy and perfect. It was definitely an impulse order, but the right choice for sure!

Mango Tree, Harrods

To balance out all the pastry and carbohydrates, we ordered a refreshing wagyu beef salad (I think we just love wagyu beef?!) which was probably one of my favourite dishes. It was just what I needed, light, flavoured and healthy.

Mango Tree, Harrods
As the winter weather started to come around and we were out at a Thai restaurant, we couldn’t leave without having a good hearty pho. I absolutely love pho compared to other soups because of all the extra vegetables, herbs and extremely infused meat flavours in the broth. So, so good!

Mango Tree, Harrods

One last final dish, we ordered the grilled wagyu beef (okay, this is really getting silly now) which Thai green curry and steam jasmine rice. This is a dish I would solely order as a main dish, because it is filling enough plus it has all the lovely components of Thai flavour, along with meat, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Overall, another fantastic meal in Harrods food hall. It was great to re-visit mango tree for the second time and have a completely different array of dishes to try.

If you have tried out any of the restaurants in Harrods, there are three fantastic ones available. Mango tree is one, Pan Chai and Chai Wu. I would recommend Mango Tree or Pan Chai if you wanted a quick bite whilst shopping, however if you want more of a proper sit down meal in a restaurant setting then Chai Wu is more for you.

Star Rating For Mango Tree:

Until next time…

We were guests at Mango Tree, Harrods and our meal was complimentary.