5 Places To Visit In Canada For Adventurers

Ever since I first visited Canada when I was a child, I completely fell in love with the country. It has so many picturesque views, the lifestyle is like no other and there is so much to do. I have memories of my cousins and I throwing a hotel room party, because we weren’t allowed to do one at my auntie’s house. Little things like that are more acceptable in Canada than in London, although you have to try your best to not get caught. When you’re not partying it up in the city, there is so much to see in Canada. It is a big enough country, that you can warrant getting on a flight to the next province and discover the hidden gems of the cities and wilderness.

Many of my friends ask where are the best places to visit in Canada to satisfy the adventurer within, so i’m just sharing my five favourite places to visit in Canada. There is nothing like hiking up mountains, coming across signs for grizzly bears and spending hours walking through forestry to fill your weekends.

1. Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’re a bit of a daredevil then Lynn Valley is for you. I definitely pushed my adventurer limits on this day trip to Lynn Valley but I totally loved every minute of it. Creeping across cable bridges, jumping off large cliffs and diving into the waters below, clambering over rocks and massive boulders and walking under miles of forestry. It definitely satisfies your inner explorer.

2. Buntzen Lake, Anmore, British Columbia

Buntzen Lake, Anmore, British Columbia

If you want to feel at one with nature, in a way that you never have before then head to Buntzen Lake. Not only does this place offer the most stunning views across the forest, there is also the opportunity to hike up and be at one with the clouds. There are many small and large lakes with boardwalks that make it the perfect spot to do some fishing or take a book to get some serene peace. Just remember to take your trainers… I did the three hour hike in loafers and I had immensely sore feet after but it was so worth it.

3. Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada

Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada

Niagara Falls is definitely one of those bucket list places to visit whilst in Canada. The view alone is enough to be a pinch me moment, let alone the experience of getting up close and personal with the falls, on Maid of the Mist boat experience. I experienced Niagara Falls two years ago and they are memories that I simply could never forget.

4. Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

Whistler is an extremely fun day out. Grab a picnic, get some Cow’s ice-creams and visit the Olympic park. Whistler was the hosts of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Whilst you are there, there is the opportunity to go up to the mountains on cable cars and have it take you from peak to peak. You are also able to get off at the top and have a little snowball fight, whilst taking in the breathtaking views. It is also a popular ski resort in the winter time, especially with the variety of mountains available. I would definitely recommend it.

5. Shannon Falls, Squamish, British Columbia

Shannon Falls, Squamish, British Columbia

Shannon Falls is one of the third highest falls in the province of British Colombia. It also has a magnificent Provincial Park that is perfect for picnics, hiking and following the trails. It’s on the way to Whistler, so it would be a good place to stop along the way to get a break from being in the car and seeing somewhere new.

What are your favourite places to get adventurous in Canada?

Until next time…