Zen In The City At Thai Square Spa

London is known for its busy lifestyle, fast pace and extravagance. Everyone’s rushing around to make their next meeting, catching a taxi to meet their friends on the hour or flustering through the crowds to do some last minute shopping. However, there is only so much one Londoner can do before the late nights and early mornings start creeping up on you.

Once in a while you just need some down time, relax and do something for yourself. When I was invited to try out the luxurious Thai Square Spa near Charing Cross, I felt like my prayers had been answered. Finally, I get an hour of peace and serenity, hopefully leaving feeling refreshed.

Thai Square SpaThai Square Spa

Walking into the spa makes you already feel at ease. Friendly, welcoming staff and beautifully decorated with the whitest orchids and modern furniture. My favourite thing about the decor is that they were always a buddha in every room or stairwell. It’s like you’re always being watched over, like a positive spirit giving you continuous wellbeing vibes.

Thai Square Spa Thai Square Spa

We were sent into the changing rooms in Thai Square Spa, which were extremely clean and spacious with great facilities inside. Cubicle showers, electric number lock lockers and plenty of mirrors to style your hair post-shower. We got into our robes and headed down the most beautiful white staircase before we entered the dark basement where the treatment rooms were. Only lit by little candle lights leading to the individual treatment rooms on each side of the corridor.

Thai Square Spa Thai Square Spa

The treatment rooms were lovely and minimalistic, with beautiful natural decor and canvases. It had an modern Egyptian bath house vibe to it, which was very unique.

Before the massage began, I was asked to be seated and to soak my feet in a bowl of hot lemon water, before I was given a deep foot scrub which was something I hadn’t experienced before a massage. However, it was such a pleasurable experience especially when you’ve been on your feet all day. Whilst the masseuse carried out the treatment, I was given a cup of dark tea to enjoy to really get into the zen mood.

Thai Square Spa

It was time. Deep tissue massage, here I come! Be gone horrible knots and pains and hello refreshed self. Once I had climbed onto the massage table I could smell a floral fragrance instantly. I was so intrigued, I had to open my eyes and have a quick peak. There was handful of ruby red rose petals below the face hole which were giving off quite a delightful scent, a lovely touch.

Thai Square Spa

I have had a fair few massages in my time, but this one was just out of this world. The masseuse listened to where I needed her to increase the pressure and where I needed her to be more gentle, especially in sorer areas. Finishing my treatment off with the most relaxing head massage that just sent tingles through my head with pure relief. Heavenly!

I would certainly head back to Thai Square Spa again for another massage when things get a little too stressful for a complete body detox.

Until next time…

We were guests at Thai Square Spa and our treatments were complimentary.