Lookbook: Night On The Town

I’m often out 5-6 nights of the week, but Friday nights are one of my favourite nights. Especially, as most people have finished work ready for the weekend, made dinner plans or even planned a get away/staycation.

My favourite part about going out ‘on the town’ is getting all glitz and glam, ready for whatever plans I have in the diary for that night.

I often get asked by people “How do you dress when you go out to luxury hotels or high-end bars/restaurants?” I know the predicament, because I was in that situation once. I never knew what the happy medium was. Whether I had to wear dress shoes or could I get away with wearing a shirt over jeans.

For those gents who need some inspiration or guidance to the best way to dress when going to such places, I have put together a quick lookbook of my go to look to play it safe, yet be comfortable and well dressed.

Lookbook: Luxury Night Out

Lookbook: Luxury Night Out

I find this look generally works for both A/W and S/S. In the colder months, I generally throw over a long coat and a scarf and during the warmer months, I just roll up my shirt sleeves and unbutton one extra button on my shirt. I generally stick to darker coats because that’s my personal preference for evening wear, as it blends nicely. I generally pick a scarf to match the colours i’m wearing. I normally stick to dark colours, I have an array of scarfs that have grey, black or dark blue running through them with a combination of other subtle colours that generally work well.

Jacket: Topman | Scarf: Ted Baker | Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Belt: Elliot Rhodes | Trousers: Topman | Shoes: House of Hounds

Lookbook: Luxury Night Out

Lookbook: Luxury Night Out

I never wear lighter trousers as I find it tend to look less elegant and more like workwear. I stick to blacks, dark/navy blues, dark greys etc. Don’t wear jeans, just to be safe. Some hotels or bars will turn people away that are wearing jeans.

I generally pick a shirt, that is bright as it generally contrasts well with darker trousers. The shirt should be long enough to tuck in, as when left out it often looks a little informal. Since you’re tucking your shirt in, I would recommend wearing a belt. It adds an extra accessory to complete your outfit, but also offers a nice separation between the shirt and trousers. I find that trousers that are worn without belts look shabby (no matter how elegant the trousers). If you want something subtle, I would suggest a standard black belt. However, we all know I don’t do subtle, so I added a beautiful bespoke grey snakeskin look belt with a sharp square silver buckle.

Dress shoes? If you like wearing dress shoes – go ahead. If not, as long as they are smart and not overly bold like leopard print – you should be fine. I generally find wearing smart alternatives more comfier day to day, so I have my stable black suede loafers, grey suede tie ups or brown brogues depending on what i’m wearing.

Lookbook: Luxury Night Out Lookbook: Luxury Night Out

Once you have entered the location and are seated, it is totally acceptable to roll up your sleeves if you feel more comfortable. I normally have accessories on when doing so. My right hand will have a watch on and my left hand either an array of bracelets (if more casual) or a sterling silver cuff on – but it isn’t essential.

I hope this lookbook helps to give a little more of an insight, with some ideas as how to dress for a more luxurious night out.

Also a huge thank you to Em from Catch 52 for doing this shoot for me.

Until next time…