YSL La Nuit De L’Homme

As my fragrances were coming to an end, I was on the hunt for that perfect cologne. A scent that would go with my every day smart-casual look. As I searched, I found myself heading to the Yves Saint Laurent’s counter first, too see if there was anything I liked and I instantly fell in love with the fragrance ‘La Nuit De L’Homme’ – which translates to ‘The Mans Night’.

When you look at the bottle, it fits perfectly with the name. The bottle so well crafted along with a darkened bottle giving it that mysterious look.

I could not just settle for just the cologne though, I wanted more… I needed the full gift set. I pushed myself into a sense of security that I will own it, just not yet. I prolonged it a little longer as we merged into the Christmas shopping period, awaiting the cologne gift sets.
I found myself feeling becoming impatient, so I went on a hunt looking in every shop on Oxford Street in hope of them having the gift set out for it out already.

No luck, none at all. After getting my outfit together for Ascot tomorrow, I found myself wandering back to the tube station as I passed House Of Fraser… a shop I had not tried yet. In full hope, I rushed over to the YSL counter and spoke to a beautiful manageress who informed they did have it!!! I had to take a moment, I stepped outside and yelped with excitement.
Once I had brought myself into some sort of sanity, I wondered back in with a gleaming smile asking for the gift set. Christmas had come early!!
Of course, you all knew this was coming… a blog post. I just had to share my excitement with you all… just look at how beautiful it is.
Such a sweet elegant and bold smell, a fragrance that every man should own. If you haven’t smelt it yet, drag yourselves or your partners out and try it. I can promise, you will be returning home with it so you better have your bank cards at the ready!