Urban Male Jewellery*

I find myself hating bare wrists. I literally can’t think of anything worse than wearing a plain outfit and not wearing any accessories. My collection of wrist wear is huge and I hope it stays that way too. 
I was recently contacted by Urban Male, as they noticed my love for accessories and sent me a goody pack full of smashing retro accessories. 
I knew it was delivery day (yesterday), I walked home extremely fast after getting of the tube after a long afternoon of lectures, dropped my bag down and ran down to check the mail. Can you tell I love blogger mail? There was a small note stating I had a parcel. It was here!
I rushed back upstairs and started unwrapping it all with my camera by my side. I was amazed, I have never see such creative and well crafted mens jewellery before. Since you have the generic stands with similar accessories in shops such as Topman and River Island. It really stood out to me as different… a good different!

Oooo, so many goodies! Thanks Urban Male.

First off, I opened the Brown Leather Modern Surf Bracelet.

Secondly, the Surfer Style Charm and Bead Bracelet.

Thirdly, the Black Leather Double Strand Bracelet.

Then it was onto the necklaces.. First one was the Modern Steel Necklace.

Followed by the Dark Leather Angel’s Wing Necklace.

After, I opened the Leather Feather Necklace.
Now onto the earrings, sadly I don’t have pierced ears but it was so nice of Urban Male to provide a whole range of their products. This is the Splatter Pair of Earrings.
Next was the Ball Stud Earrings.

Lastly, the Hinged Hoop Earrings.
As you can see, there is a real unique range of accessories for men provided by Urban Male. They currently have some great offers on some of these very pieces, so I would head on over there and order yourself something different guys (or ladies, buy something for your boyfriends/husbands or even your family!)
Look at for these accessories in my future OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts!

Thanks for reading,

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review. As it is a personal blog and not commercial, a review was based on my personal opinion. All the products being reviewed were not influenced by anyone or anything around me.