#TravelWithMe to New York Vol. 4

As much as I love the cities, sometimes they can get a bit busy and overwhelming. New York was definitely no exception to this trend, especially with the intimidating skyscrapers and mass amount of summer time tourists present.
Since we have covered most of the attractions we wanted to see in New York, we thought it would be a good idea to spend the day out of Manhattan and head over into Brooklyn and head south to Coney Island. Now, I never knew Coney Island even existed until I arrived in New York. It did not even occur to me that there would be a beautiful beach only a 45 minute express subway ride away.Welcome to Coney Island…





What a breath of fresh air! Peace and tranquility at long last with stunning views to match, what more can you want? It was hard to believe that we were still in New York.

The subtle sound of screaming children enjoying their amusement rides, couples walking their dogs with ice-creams in their hands, families splashing about in the sea and others just sunbathing, enjoying the sun.

We heard that when you go to Coney Island, you have to try Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. Luckily in America and Canada, you rarely find a pork hot dog, so it enabled us to eat our hearts connect before heading back to England to none at all. Nathan’s hot dogs are quite something, with a splash of mustard and tomato ketchup, yum!

Soaking up the soak and enjoying the fresh air, we knew we were in for a proper nights sleep, bliss.


The last day in New York is upon us… Major sad face. How have the past 5 days so quickly?

After a lovely days rest, chilling out at Coney Island, we decided to head into the city one last time and do a spot of shopping (a few yankee candles may have fallen into the basket!) and Gossip Girl scene searching. I am a huge Gossip Girl fan and it is the show that made me feel so desperately connected with New York, giving me that one last push to organise a trip to NYC, with that in mind I had to visit all the famous spots.

It felt so surreal to see Chuck hotel, ‘Hotel Empire’ and the hotel where Lily and Serena lived for a couple of seasons, ‘The New York Palace’. Amazing! I was genuinely chuffed to see those two sights especially, even though going around the Upper East side and various other parts New York felt like I was in Gossip Girl myself, especially being up the Empire State building where Chuck proposed to Blair… Ok ok, i’m getting carried away now but you get my vibe.

However, I had one last promise to fulfil, a reunion with Erika, the last of the trio of New Yorkers that lived with me in my freshers year, Deanna also popped along to say one last goodbye and joined us for the ‘last supper’ at Soho Thai, Soho, New York. Exceptional food and service for such a little place, I would definitely recommend going there if you are in NYC – worth a visit!

Thank you for all the memories, fun and adventures, NYC. Also giving me the chance to reunite with three wonderful friends after a year, this trip has truly been a once in a lifetime trip and I will savour these moments forever. This is not goodbye New York, it is only farewell for now. I’ll be back… one day!

Until next time…