Beauty Is As Beauty Does

In honour of Organic Beauty Week, I am sharing the empowering and uplifting truth about how I became such a skincare fanatic. 
I never had the ‘ideal’ perfect skin that most people dreamt of, I never boasted that fresh out of the shower glow that many of my friends had. I often thought it was because of my skin colour, a colour that just wouldn’t give off that glow naturally. I spent many years upset and angry that I was at a major disadvantage, putting myself down. One little whisper told me to start up a skincare routine – promises were not made but there was a chance I could encourage my skin in the direction I wanted.  However, I had been brought up with the mentality that you shouldn’t add chemical filled products to your skin, as it would eventually ruin your skin in the long term. Now we are in the twenty first century, where skincare has improved since the ‘olden’ days… skincare is a lot less damaging and most of it is organic, natural and safer. Ever since I started using organic, natural skincare, I watched my skin improve into what it is today. I receive so many compliments now for having clean and healthy looking skin, nobody would have ever known the struggle I went through growing up. Ever since, I swear by natural skincare and you should too.

I am sharing with you all today, one of my favourite types of skincare treatment – serums. I find that many people don’t know how to use them or why they are good and I think they are really underrated for the job they do. Also people assume there is only one type of serum, no, there are so many different serums that do completely different jobs. 

Antipodes Hosanna H20 Plumping Serum: Firstly, don’t let the word plumping put you off this product. It is a really amazing product. I suffer from really dry skin, which is one of the reasons why I use this product. Sometimes just using a daily moisturiser just isn’t enough hydrating for my skin, which is why I back it up with hydrating face masks and serums. It is really quick absorbing product that doesn’t leave any stickiness after application, however I prefer mixing it in with my moisturiser and applying it all as one – it provides a much more even application. The Hosanna serum stimulates type 1 collagen production in the skin, however as my skin is still young and youthful I haven’t seen much of a difference, but I am sure it would work better for somebody in an older generation than myself. One drawback of this product is the smell, I am quite sensitive to ‘odd’ smells and this was definitely one of those. However, the benefits of the product outweighs the smell. (£28.99/30ml)
Antipodes Worship Antioxidant Serum: Tackling ageing at the earliest of ages is the best way to prevent it all together. Starting anti-aging treatment once your skin has started to age is only going to help to a certain degree, as the damage has already begun. Once I started using this serum in my skincare, I found that it makes my skin feel more energised and fresh – giving me that glow I wanted. Surprisingly it is all made up of different fruits and super fruits which fills my skin with tonnes of antioxidants and it is hundred percent organic which is a bonus. This serum also prevents free radical damage, which is perfect for my lifestyle living in a city with high pollution. (£33.99/30ml)

Most of all, remember that beauty is not defined by what you see on the outside, but what is in the inside too.

Until next time…