The Watch Hut Blogger Party

Watches are not only a necessity to tell the time, but they are also an accessory that can be paired with your favourite outfit too. 
When I was invited to The Watch Hut bloggers party, I was positively excited. An evening looking at the new watch designs of A/W 14 but also admiring the older shiny beauties that own the shelves with pride and status. 
Along with watches, a chance to connect with other beautiful bloggers over some champagne and a cupcake or two. That definitely sounds like a perfect evening to me!
I arrived at Leicester Square station to the sound of thousands of shoppers leaving and arriving to do their Christmas shopping, the best part of the run up to Christmas!
Within a short walk, I arrived at The Watch Hut, being the first blogger to there I had a chance to scope out the shop and have a look at all the sparkly watches.
Before I knew it other bloggers started to arrive and we were all greeted with a glass of delicious bubbles!
and a beautifully personalised cupcakes… they tasted heavenly!
This is what happens, when I leave my camera for a split second… An unflattering photo of myself.
After a bit of mingling, we had a talk about the latest watches that were in for A/W 14…
After the talk, we were allowed to try on some watches and see what we liked. I fell in love with the Daniel Wellington watches, especially the one that had a brown leather strap. I really wanted to go home with it, but I thought I would put it on my Christmas list instead!

Thanks Angela from The Awkward Blog for these photos!
Not many of the others watches really suited me as I have such small dainty wrist, they all looked a bit too big and bold around my wrist.
I also had the chance of meeting the wonderful Kelly from Flat Eleven and Olivia from Stage ‘N’ Style, whilst reuniting with Angela from The Awkward Blog and Jaime from Angloyankophile. 
Kelly and her cupcake looking glamourous… 

As we were leaving, we were handed one of these goody bags, with a few bits and bobs and a watch too – how kind!
I had a wonderful time at The Watch Hug Blogger Party, meeting new bloggers and reunited with other bloggers and having a look at the new watches for the season. Thank you The Watch Hut team for being hospitable and inviting us all along to your lovely store.
Thanks for reading,