The Plaid Edition

I was just sorting through my wardrobe the other day and just looking from a far, there was a common trend running through it. Plaid. I never knew I owned more than two items of clothing in the same sort of pattern but I do. In all fairness, the have their own unique look and would work for different outfits – some even for different times of the day…

This is a shirt I had picked up at least 5 years ago, probably my first plaid item of clothing. Don’t ask how it still fits, clearly my tall figure comes from my legs and not my body. I love being an awkward shape, it different adds to my weird character… Anyway

These are a few items pyjama (PJ for all you youngsters) bottoms I picked up a year or two ago. Showing that plaid can be incorporated into night wear too! They are both two completely different overall finishes. One is a bold brightly coloured sort and the other a more toned down with a smart factor to it.

My final piece was only bought a few months ago, a different colour to the rest of my plaid attire which is why it stood out to me. This shirt was purchased in a ‘I love that, I must have it’ phase. I do not regret buying it because it’s one of my most loved casual shirts. 
Just goes to show the evolution of plaid through the years, I think my rule of not having more than two items of the same pattern has to be altered now… already broken it!
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