BBQ Chicken & Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

I thought it was time to share my favourite meal, it’s so quick and easy and it tastes amazing. My sister and I did not even talk whilst eating yesterday when we made it, we were in our food zone tucking right in.
Let’s do the spicy sweet potato fries first…
1. Take a large sweet potato (one per person)
2. Peel the skin off
3. Cut it into wedges and place into an oven tray.
4. Drizzle some olive oil over it all, mixing it around so that all the wedges get some oil coverage.
5. Add a sprinkling of chilli powder over the wedges, giving it around mix and a re-sprinkle.
6. It should look something a bit like this, now they are ready for the oven. I put them in at 180 degrees in a fan oven.
7. 10 minutes later, give them a mix around and re-sprinkle a bit more chilli power on top.
8. Put them back in for a further 10 minutes (more or less) until cooked. They should look a bit like this… 
The fries are then ready, now onto the BBQ chicken legs/wings…
We have used little chicken legs, but they work equally as well and taste just as nice with chicken wings too.
1. Clean the chicken and then wash it, taking all the fat and disgusting bits off.

2. Put some water in a pan, turn on the stove to get the water boiling and add some salt.

3. Take your ginger and garlic paste

4. Add a teaspoon of each paste to the water

5. Mix it all together and bring it to a boil.

6. Add the chicken to the water and allow it to cook.

7. Whilst the chicken is cooking, line a grill tray with some silver foil.

8. Once the chicken is cooked, drain the water out.

9. Squirt in a generous helping of BBQ sauce, and mix it all together.

10. Transfer it onto the grill tray, grab your BBQ bottle and go mad with it… literally!

11. Pop them into the grill. (They be grillin’, they be grillin’!)

12. The longer you leave them in there, the crispier they get. As you can see we like they quite crispy!!
13. ENJOY!
I hope you like this quick and easy recipe. If you do try it out, take pictures, blog about it, give me a tag over at @JustAftab on Twitter and tell me what you think of it!
Thanks for reading,