The Love Journey #8

Kitchen sinks, overnight trains and life
in another language.
Everything began at one eventful house
party. Thrown by my housemates and I, inviting our friends from the previous
university year and some friends of friends. That’s what Kris, or Josh as I
thought at the time, was. He was a friend of a friend who happened to be the
most interesting person at the party. We chatted, we drank, he laughed at my
jokes, I laughed at his mum, and we drank some more. We’d propped ourselves
onto the kitchen side and I decided to make a move and get a little closure.
That move saw me fall, butt first, into the kitchen sink. Personally I believe
that was the move to end all moves, and Kris has been madly in love with me
ever since. I remaining in the sink for a little too long and consuming far
more alcohol than necessary, the rest of the night fades from memory a little.
The few bits left, are a little too private and a little too NSFW.
The next day, Kris left with his friends
and we decided to out time with things. After all, I had to do something about
the ex boyfriend and I still wasn’t100% sure of his name. A week later, we
arranged to meet and swap some textbooks, like the giant nerds we are. With
only a slight concern that I wouldn’t recognise him, the meeting went well and
he owed me that cup of coffee, he never bought me, for the next two years.
We swapped textbooks, I made him some
drawer space and he bought his computer over: by Christmas. 
Since Kris brought his computer over, we
have lived together ever since. We moved from one bedroom in a shared
apartment, to a tiny studio and now to a one-bedroom apartment. More doors, is
always on our house hunting list.
Our relationship went up and down, we
laughed, we cried, we shouted and we laughed again. I introduced Kris to
driving, cooking and the never-ending world of working and studying. He
introduced me to TV shows, funny videos on YouTube and computers. Together we
have travelled Europe, rode countless smelly overnight coaches, cooked many
meals, sang together, made up code words and left our life in the UK and moved
We’ve had good times and bad times. But
always we have fun times .

So far, so good.
Kerri x
Thanks for reading,