Such a beautiful Saturday

It’s been a while since we’ve had sunny weather like this – it’s normally wet or cloudy! A lot of people said that we wouldn’t have a summer this year but today the weather proved us wrong indeed. The weather has been around 13 degrees today, which is average for England in spring time, but am desperately hoping this summer will be a hot one! I mean, after all I do have 3 and a half months off… the last thing I want to be doing is to be stuck indoor as all day!

I took advantage of such a beautiful day, with the sun beaming down upon us and a clear blue sky and went down to see my beautiful boy.
There is nothing I love more than spending time with him on a Saturday, when you have all the time in the world and you’re just so much more relaxed with a lot more time on your hands to do more work with him.

Now, Blue hasn’t been exercised in a 6 weeks due to the short cold winter days and due to his current little rider losing interest in him. There wasn’t a better way to make use of the morning sun than to get him back into work and losing some calories after what felt like a very long winter!

I was so impressed with him, considering he is really unfit, he really tried his heart out on the lunge in the round pen but Blue is the sort of pony that soon gets bored with doing the same old thing, time and time again so we decided to spice things up a little… so I asked my friend if she would do some free lunging and some join up with him while I just watched for a while.
He was excellent for her, really working well but he stopped in the same position where I was standing outside the pen… so I made use of this and played a little game with him where I ran on the outside of the lunge pen and he’d ran after me in the pen. It clearly was something he was enjoying as he was throwing little bucks in between and getting all hyped up – it was a beautiful sight as i’ve not seen him this happy doing work in a LONG time!

After his morning work out session, I took him for a stroll down his favourite place to walk out/hack out to cool off and get a bit more exercise. He also has his favourite patch to stop for grass as it’s really rich and long, which makes a change to the grass in his field – so we stopped there on the way back for a snack which was well deserved.

As we got back to the yard, one of the yard’s instructor’s had come back from an outing and had her trailer with her, so we look decided to make use of the opportunity to practise some loading and some trailer work (as when he came to us he had jumped the breast bar in the trailer as he was being brought to us when we got him) but once again he was an absolute angel and took it all in his stride.

He got some well deserved carrots and then I turned him out into the field for the day, where he just got down and rolled the minute he got out there, bless him!

So all in all, it’s been a very productive horsey Saturday and i’m so proud of my boy today! 🙂