First post as a blogger!


Hi everyone.

I thought I would need to start my blog somewhere, so I thought, what better than an introductory post?

My name is Aftab, I’m a teenager (soon to be an adult – now that’s scary stuff!), I’m in my last year of sixth form and doing my A-levels. What A-levels I hear you say? I do Biology, Chemistry and Information Technology (IT) – it’s definitely hard work but there is always something new to learn about, which makes it really interesting.

Hopefully going to go on and peruse my higher education at Essex university to study Biochemistry, so fingers crossed that I get the entry grades!

I have always loved horses, since I was a kid. I can’t think of anything better than spending time with one of the most elegant four legged animal… They say ‘A dog horse is a man’s best friend’, well my boy definitely is!

I think it’s time to introduce my beloved pony, Blue (aka Boo). He’s an 11hh Welsh Sec A, who didn’t have the best start to life. He was abused as a youngster, which is a really sad story but I don’t want to bring your moods down! We bought him off a lady who rescued him off a bridle path where he was just dumped and left. He’s been with us since September 2012 and had some trust issues, but he has come on leaps and bounds since then and I am so proud of him.
I live South of England on the coast, near the sea. It’s a beautiful place, but sadly we never really have the weather to enjoy the perks of having the beach on your doorstep.

It’s the things like this, that i’m going to miss when I go to university, along with my parents (of course!)

I think that’s enough of me jabbering on about my life, i’m sure there is enough for you all to read  for now and get yourself interested in my blog.

  See you all later,

Blue at a show at ‘home’ July 2012, before we got him.