My Special Quad Of Travel Companion

Welcome October! You know what the first day of each month means? A new travel link-up topic. This month we were discussing travel companions. Who do you take on your holidays and travels or who do you leave at home? My travel companion choice is very much dependent on where i’m travelling to and what sort of travels I have planned in terms of activities and adventures. Each of my travel companions have their own personal preferences, which works great for me too.

Generally I travel with my family or my friends. As a whole family, we try to fit in up to two trips a year, one being long haul. I think as a family, we are generally an adventurous bunch, or that’s the way we were brought up to be. From as far as I can remember, we always want to see as much as we can of a country we are visiting. After all, what are the chances you return to the same country twice?

My travel companions definitely split into various four categories, from the adventurer to the spa break type of companion.

The Adventurer Companion 

Adventure Companion

I would say the adventure companion in my family would be my dad. Whenever we plan our family holidays abroad, he is always keen to find places that are full of historic and gorgeous monuments to see. He grew up in Tanzania, East Africa so his childhood was very much about exploring and adventuring around. It’s only when he came to England to go to university is when his real passion to travel and adventure around the world. I would definitely say my dad is a city break lover, but he sure doesn’t mind a day or two by the pool.

The Luxe It Out Companion 

Luxe It Out Companion

I think between my parents, my mum is definitely more the luxe it out companion. As much as she loves doing our adventure style holidays, she loves a good spa break. I mean, that must be where I get it from right? I took her along to one of my press trips to Cornwall and she was in her element. Jacuzzis, saunas, massages and a good old swim before a sunset dinner over looking the sea.

The Explorer Companion 

Explorer Companion

As much as I love travelling with my parents, I think my sister is definitely the explorer type of companion. We like to go above and beyond what the concierge of hotels or tourist maps tell us to see. We prefer to hear it from the locals about where the hidden gems of the city or towns can be found. This is what we did in Lisbon earlier this year and much to our delight, fell in love with the city that little bit more because of our exploration.

The Go Hard or Go Home Companion 

Go Hard Or Go Home Companion

My blogger friends definitely come into this category. I’m fortunate to have found a fantastic group of friends that I feel comfortable and close enough to travel with. Also, they offer a completely different style of travel than travelling with my parents or sister. A group of us travelled over to Bovey Castle earlier this year for the weekend, we dressed up in suits and gorgeous dresses for dinner, drank our body capacity in champagne, got stuck in mud whilst driving golf caddies and just had a perfect quintessentially English weekend away.

Go Hard Or Go Home Companion

I also had personal trips with two of my close friends Binny and Zoe. Binny and I definitely have a true love for Paris, so we decided to embark on our first trip together to Paris. We covered a whistle stop tour of Paris, including all our favourite monuments before eating and drinking our way around too. Zoe and I covered Ayrshire in Scotland where we had a fantastic weekend full of trying new activities such as archery, quad biking and golf before turning to formal attire and champagne by night. Most recently we covered Madrid which again involved copious amounts of sangria, tapas and pottering around seeing the sights, before hitting the rooftop bars and clubs by night.

I’m really lucky to have the travel companions I do and that together or separately, they each have something special to contribute to my travels.

Which of the above four travel companions are you?

Until next time…