6 Reasons I’m Grateful For Blogger Friends

One of my favourite things about blogging just under 4 and a half years is the friends I have made. Yes, i’m talking about the people we stalk on the internet and know everything about, but haven’t actually met them. Well I can definitely say that I have had my fair share of awkward experiences, especially at events. Going up to someone and declaring your love for their blog and the content they produce, having followed them for years only for them to turn around ask question who you are… Like I said, awkward.

Not all my experiences have been bad though. My little part of the internet has allowed me to make some of the most genuine and strong friendships from having the same passions. I wish I could say that most of my friendship circle is made up of childhood and university friends, but sadly I can’t. My friendship circle is mainly based around the little connections and impacts I had on people through my social media & blog. Period.

Would I have it any differently? Definitely not. My blogger friends know how to support me, keep me driven and enjoy the little achievements in life whether it be to do with the blog or just general life wins. I’m sharing with you, my fellow readers, a few reasons why it is important to have a good set of blogger friends.

1. You can travel together

Blogger Travel To Bovey Castle
Credits: SilverSpoon London

I think my favourite thing about sharing a passion of travel with my blogger friends is the ability to travel together. We visited Bovey Castle together and had an absolute blast. From dressing up in our best suits and dresses, to drinking copious amounts of champagne before a hungover day of exploring and getting stuck in mud. All in a weekend of fun, right?

2. They understand blogger woes

Blogger working

I think the hardest thing about being a long term blogger is that you have seen everything, from the most horrific PR experiences to the most wonderful events and invites. I think it’s really handy to have a group of likeminded individuals who understand the good, the bad and the ugly. I have multiple WhatsApp groups, whereby we discuss things from fees for blog posts, Instagram takeovers, press trips and whatever else crosses our minds.

3. They have the best advice

Blogger meet up

It is all well and good talking about blog related experiences but sometimes you just need that small close group of friends to share life experiences with too. I’m super lucky to have a group friends that went from online to ‘real life’ friends that I can celebrate their birthdays, new relationships/jobs and just little life wins. Although, we all know that life isn’t always rainbows and roses, but having that same group that are willing to stick with you through the bad and tough times too, that’s pretty special.

4. They are always up for trying new experiences

Blogger experiences - Dîner en Blanc

Trying new things is something us bloggers love to do, but we aren’t afraid of roping our friends in to join too. I mean, I experienced one of the coolest London events yet at Dîner en Blanc because of my lovely Emma. We dressed up in white, ate a 3-course meal accompanied by wine, played with sparklers, danced between the fountains under the moonlight at Somerset House.

5. You can work together

Blogger working

Being a full time blogger and freelancer, working by yourself can get rather lonely. However, it’s a good job I have other full time bloggers friends that are happy to meet up in cafés across London, or even luxe it up by working at Four Seasons’ Veuve Cliquot Garden. I mean, if you work hard you should be able to play hard too… right?

6. One glass never means one glass

Blogger drinks

Having one glass is definitely a think of the past, or we try and make ourselves believe it is not. Whenever we get together for a drink we always say let’s just have one and call it a day. Has this actually ever happened? Never. Zero. Zilch. We always end up heading home many, many glasses later and promise we will stick to our one glass next time. You all know how the cycle goes on…

What makes you grateful for blogger friends?

Until next time…