Dining Under The Moonlight For Dîner En Blanc

London is a truly wonderful city, where even after 4 years of living in the gorgeous capital it still surprises me everyday. For me it is all the unique things you can do and experience without having to travel more than 30 minutes from your house. Not many cities offer that privilege, that’s for sure. My most recent ‘pinch me’ experience was Dîner en Blanc, a yearly event that my trusty Emma introduced me to.

Those that speak French will know that Dîner en Blanc simply means Dinner in White. The concept was started in France where a group of friends were meeting up after many years apart and they were afraid they wouldn’t recognise each other. Therefore, they had a dress code to dress head to toe in white. Each of the friends brought their own contributions and they dined together in white, enjoying each others company. They had such a great time that decided to do it time after time with the same concept, just with more people each time. Now Dîner en Blanc is a event that takes place in many cities worldwide, spanning across six continents.

The time had come again for Dîner en Blanc to take place. The blancers all turned up at their chosen meeting spot in order to find out this year’s venue. The team had strategically placed different spots around the location, gather around 100 people in each spot. Our spot was just outside the Apple store in Covent Garden, but there was a few guesses going around as to where it could be. Emma thought it could possibly be Somerset House and she was right!

Dîner en Blanc, LondonDîner en Blanc, London

As someone who was enjoying Dîner en Blanc for the first time, it was quite a special venue. Somerset House is just one of those places that will always hold lovely memories for me, including London Fashion Week. Here was just one more amazing evening to add to the mix! I didn’t take my camera long, as I didn’t have any intention of sharing it on the blog, but I had such a blast, I couldn’t bare not sharing it with you all. I’m afraid it is iPhone photos for this post… I know. I’m a bad blogger!

Dîner en Blanc, London

Everyone started to gather, dressed eloquently in white from head to toe. There was a range of cricket outfits, full white suits, ladies wrapped in shawls and knee high stockings. Some rather different outfits, of which consisted in some wearing full lace jumpsuits and others in bridal dresses. It was lovely to see how everyone put their own person style and touch to each of their outfits, making a real effort too.

Not only that, decorating your table is a major part of the event too. Some people had made centre pieces for the tables, others had flowers and fairy lights draped across the tables. There were some strong contenders, which has driven me to want to make extra effort next year in hope to win ‘Best Decorated Table’.

Dîner en Blanc, LondonDîner en Blanc, London

Once everyone had entered the venue and set up their tables, the sign was given and from the start people started to wave their napkins in the air. Like a domino effect, going around the tables, everyone threw their napkin in the air and elegantly spun it in circles. This signalled that everyone could now commence eating, let the Dîner en Blanc feast begin!

Dîner en Blanc, London

We started with antipasti filled with grilled vegetables, olives, cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes and various dried meats before moving onto a well cooked shawarma (thanks Sam!) the meat was juicy and succulent, served up with some roast potatoes and a gorgeous greek salad. Before finishing up on a sweet note of macarons, tartlets, cheese and grapes. So good!

After dinner, all of Somerset House was lit up by sparklers. I literally felt like an eager child on Bonfire night, ready to spell my name out in the sky.

Dîner en Blanc, London Dîner en Blanc, London

With all that excitement in the air and the DJ pumping out some absolute tunes, it sent everyone off to the middle of Somerset House for a good dance under the moonlight. I never thought it would be how I spent a Thursday night in London, but alas there we were having a total ball!

Dîner en Blanc, LondonDîner en Blanc, London

I could positively say it was one of the most memorable and exhilarating nights I have had in London this year. I can’t wait to go again next year with a more extravagant outfit and majestic table decorations.

London, I love you.

Until next time…