Show Progress

I took part in a show on Sunday 14th July, the second show of the year. I decided it would be good for Blue to get out and about and get some experience in showing – so we started local….

Day started off like any other show day… absolutely manic. Rushing around trying to get pony clean and up to scratch, only to find poo stains all over him! All I can say is that god for purple whiting shampoo, it got the stains right out! 

My first class was at 9:30 and then the rest followed consecutively straight after, which meant the pony and I would be absolutely worn out. Luckily I wasn’t fasting, as I think I would have been dead and on the floor in just prepping him for the class – it was beyond hot…. 35 degrees to be exact though.

First class commenced and it ‘Best Turned Out’, to my surprise I came 1st… Judge said that it was extremely hard to get a grey pony as spotless as I had gotten Blue and he was so well presented. I was thoroughly chuffed and over the moon!
Coming first meant that I was instantly entered into the championship. The championship is where all the horses, ridden and in-hand that win 1st place into their class come together and out of all of them a champion and reserve champion is chosen overall.

I then carried onto my second class which was Mountain and Moorland, I entered it purely because Blue is a Welsh Sec A and there couldn’t have been a better class to find out if he is any good for the showing world. I came second, again I wasn’t expecting to do get placed, yet alone come 2nd!

We then waited around for the championship, gave Blue a chance to have a drink and some hay and liven up a bit for the championship. I was having second thoughts about the championship at one point, I didn’t think we’d even get close to being either Reserve Champion or Champion!

On his break, before the championship.

Anyway, time passed and the championship arrived. I think I got the biggest shock in the championship, when Blue was selected and was reserve champion!!!! The judge said he moved beautifully and also looked the part. I’m really, really happy.

The rosettes

We are going to go on and try a county level show in the next few weeks, scary yet exciting times. We shall see what comes out of that!

Never give up, always put your full effort into something and then reap the rewards. 

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