LUSH – Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

As normal, I went into my favorite shop to find a new, fresh and unique product to write a review about. Something that would really intrigue my readers into trying some new things but also show off the brilliance of LUSH’s natural products.

So I chose a the Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar, as it was different. It’s not every day that you find a shampoo in a block form?! That’s LUSH’s way of saving three green bottles from having to be made – as it’s has the amount of shampoo/ it’s so concentrated that it all fits into one bar that lasts on average of 6 months! Crazy huh?!

This particular product is made for people that need a little repair done to them, or have a flaky scalp, made from freshly cut nettles, rosemary and peppermint herbs. 

So i’m going to put this little shampoo to the test and see what happens, a review to follow!

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