Review: Imperiaus Facial Moisturiser & Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

Its been two weeks since i’ve been using the new moisturiser and face scrub from LUSH. I am extremely please with the results… I shall review each item individually to make it easier!

 Imperiaus Facial Moisturiser – £12.50 – It isn’t like your average face moisturiser as for starters it has a distinct lovely natural smell that makes you want to use it (that’s enough to push me over the edge). It has a more liquid consistency which means its easier to spread equally over your face, unlike thick moisturisers.
Its perfect for people like me, who have different skin types all over your face. For example having a dry forehead but a oily nose.

The Ocean Salt Facial Scrub – £6.50 – It has a lovely mix of different ingredients such as sea salt, organic lime and avocado butter. The sea salt is there to scrub and open the pores on your face, the organic lime is used to brighten your face and the avocado butter is used to soften the skin. It works beautifully and you only need to use it twice a week.
It really removes all the dead skin and softens it up. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and supple too. Definitely a good buy!!!