Review: Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

Where do I start? It’s a genius idea, I mean really is. It’s unique, it’s special and it’s brilliant too! Another well done to LUSH I say, really impressed me this time with this product.

Firstly, it’s so concentrated it only requires a few glides over wet hair to get enough soap to lather your hair nicely and properly as you would a massive dollop of shampoo. I was actually quite shocked in all fairness, I wasn’t expecting such a result!

Secondly, most shampoos leave my hair feeling dry and with a not very smooth texture where the Squeaky Green bar has not done that, but in fact made it feel nicer and more healthy.

Thirdly, I can’t express how wonderful the aroma of the Squeaky Green Shampoo is… it is literally heavenly! Once again, most shampoos have a temporary aroma where as this shampoo had it radiating it’s lovely smell for days on end.

Best of all, it’s all it’s saving the planet… there are no bottles required which saves production costs and emissions being released into the atmosphere, while providing you healthy products made from the finest natural ingredients may I add!

If you want to take it away on your travels, I believe that LUSH have a special tub for the shampoo to fit in, for a small price too. 

What I would personally like to see though is a conditioner for this product. I think that would be a prefect pair and combination for the best smell, look and feel — the ultimate package.

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