September Favourites

September went past so fast, it feels like I just blinked and we are already into October! Here is what I have been loving through September.

As I have started to wear shoes without socks more often now, I have found that the soles of my feet have started to get into a bit of a mess. Dry skin accumulating and getting rough. I knew it was time for some natural treatment. I picked up this Stepping Stone, which acts as a scrub and moisturises too. You put it under some water, it fizzes and you give the sole of your foot a good scrub. Once you wash it off, your foot feels so soft due to the cocoa butter in it. The smell, oh the smell… it is just heavenly. It literally is an air freshener for your feet and it has completely radiates its smell when it is not being used too… win-win!
Now that university has started, i’m finding myself at my desk a lot more again which has led to tight neck muscles. I found myself browsing in LUSH (always a bad idea, I end up buying something!) and I found this Hottie massage bar and had to give it a try. It warm areas where there are tight muscles and slowly release knots whilst encouraging circulation with the oils within it. I like to use it just before bed, gives you a wonderful warm feeling that just helps ease your muscles to give you a good night sleep.

Since I am a huge fan of The Body Shop’s moisturisers. After using the vitamin C range through summer (which was fantastic!) I decided to return to try and find something more suitable for those colder frosty months. I thought I would give the Vitamin E range a go for those extra nutrients for my skin through autumn and winter. I ended up buying the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream and I am really impressed! It is more on the thicker side, where you really have to work it into your face but it feels amazing after a shower. I thought with a thicker formula I would have a higher chance of getting clogged up pores, leading to spots but it is quite the opposite. Touch wood, no spots yet!
Have you tried any of these products?
Thanks for reading,