#OOTD – Lizzy Edition

Fashion is a fantastic thing. You can mix and match, play around with different styles to produce the best look for any occasion. Fashion can change the overall look of anyone, it can be the difference between looking hot in somebodies eyes or not even worth a second look – harsh but true. Being a huge fashionista, I take pride in my own clothes and styles but I also like to change other people’s look to enhance their overall appearance. 

It all started when I came to London, I would find myself looking at people on the tube examining what they wore, what I could change to make them look ten times better. I thought nothing would come from it, like it was just a little game I used to play in my head to pass the time.

Whilst going on shopping trips with friends, they used to always ask my opinion on the pieces of clothing they pulled off the railings and of course I gave my honest opinion. I followed it through by finding something that would look better on them – they ended up trying it on, liking it and going ahead with the purchase. When my friends wore their outfits out, they received a lot of positive feedback which was then passed on to me. It became a common thing, where people would actually ask me to go shopping with them just so I could help them put together outfits.
Recently I found myself meeting up with my best friend during a weekday evening after some dinner, we hit Oxford Street to do some late night shopping. She suggested we just popped in a few shops to look at some clothes, with no intention of buying anything.
I saw a divine pair of shoes, that I knew would suit Lizzy instantly. Therefore, being the friend I am I insisted she tried them on. They fit like they were made for her, beautiful and elegant yet different to what she is used to, she instantly fell in love with the beautiful blue and gold stilettos. 

There was no turning back now, I had a vision on the spot of how to dress the shoes and I was on a mission to make it work. Picking up a simple white top, paired with some wet look black leggings and a semi-statement gold necklace (to match the heels) – an outfit was finally complete. Not what we were expecting to happen… but it did!
Lizzy said herself “This is not an outfit I would have picked out myself whilst shopping alone, but I am completely in love with the outfit – it just all works so well together!” … If I say so myself, I think my best friend looks absolutely stunning and totally rocks the look!
What do you guys think? Did I do a good job?